Affected Party Approval/ Public Notification

When you apply for resource consent, a Planning Officer will determine if there are any parties deemed affected by your proposal and if the proposal needs to go through the public notification process. If your proposal goes through the public notification process, affected parties will be notified, a sign may be placed on the property for a period of time, and a public notice may appear in the newspaper. This will give people the opportunity to make a submission on your application. In most cases, the submission period is 20 working days.

If your proposal does not need to be publicly notified but there are affected parties, you are required to explain your proposal to that person(s) and get signed approval on an Notice of Written Approval (232KB) PDF File) and on a copy of the site plans. The Affected Party Brochure (70KB PDF File) explains the process.

Discussing a proposal with your neighbours and getting their written approval before you apply for a resource consent can reduce the time it takes for your application to be processed. It can be more time consuming for change a resource consent application once you have applied for it.