Information that you can obtain from us

Council holds a file for every property within the city's boundaries that contains records such as building consents, private drainage plans and swimming pool compliance. The property file may hold information that does not appear on a LIM such as plans and correspondence.

Please note:
  • CDs for properties in the CBD may not include all resource consent information.

The information available on file depends on relevance to the property (eg liquor, swimming pool and environmental health) and whether there has been any development activity since the original dwelling was constructed.

The property file may include Details
Building compliance schedules
  • inspection reports
  • building warrant of fitness
  • compliance schedules
Building consents Each building consent may include:
  • plans, eg
    • floor
    • elevations (side views from all angles)
    • structural details
  • private drainage plans
  • consent specifications and calculations
  • Project Information Memorandum (PIM)
  • producer statements
  • Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)
Environmental health
  • inspection report/field notes
  • food premises licence certificate
  • other health licence certificates as relevant (eg, amusement gallery)
Liquor licensing
  • licence application and proposal
  • changes to licence company (transfers)
  • correspondence
  • certificates
Land-use consents Resource consent application, including information relevant to the development, eg
  • site/boundary plans
  • floor plan
  • elevations (side views from all angles)
  • structural details
  • expert report copies
Subdivision consents
Swimming pool
  • pool fencing inspections and compliance
General property documents
  • site remediation reports
  • private drainage plans
  • miscellaneous correspondence

The documents on the CD are in PDF format. As documents take time to be scanned and loaded into a property file, some files may not yet be loaded on the property file CD you order .