Resource Consents

The Manawatu District Council's planning team ensures that development of the natural and built environment is undertaken in a sustainable manner by managing compliance with the Manawatu District Plan through:

  • Resource Consents
  • Assessing Building Consents for compliance with the District Plan.

A resource consent is the approval of a local authority – in this case, the Manawatu District Council to undertake an activity that is not a permitted activity and may not occur “as of right” under the Resource Management Act 1991 or the various formal plans governing the use of natural and physical resources in the Manawatu.

The information in this section explains Councils obligations under the RMA for the issuing of resource consents, how to apply for them and Councils process for considering them. It is not intended as a substitute for the RMA.

When do I need a resource consent?

When you want to build or use your land in a way that does not comply with the rules or is not specified as a permitted activity in the District Plan, you will need to get special permission from Council. A resource consent is the permission the Council gives you to use a resource or carry out an activity.

You will firstly need to know the zoning of the property in which your development or use is to occur. By using the search function, input the property address or legal description/ valuation number and you will be told what the zone is for that property – and if it is subject to any proposed changes currently being considered by the Council.

When you know what zone your property is within you can check the online District Plan to see whether there are conditions you need to comply with, or whether you need to obtain a resource consent.

You will need a resource consent:

  • If you are subdividing your property
  • If you do not comply with any conditions listed under the permitted activity rules of the District Plan
  • Or if your activity is listed as Controlled, Restricted Discretionary, Discretionary or Non-Complying in the District Plan.
  • If your activity is not specifically listed in the District Plan it is highly likely you will need a resource consent.

If you have any questions, a Duty Planner is available at Front of House between 9am – 1pm, or they can be contacted by phone 06 323 0000 or via email

If you don’t need a resource consent you may want to apply for a Certificate of Compliance. This is a legal document that Council issues certifying that you comply with all the relevant rules of the District Plan. This can be handy for insurance purposes or financing.

Can I Subdivide my property?

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How do I apply for a Resource Consent

By now you know that you need a resource consent, you can download an application form from here or phone 323 0000 or email us at planning@mdc.govt to have a copy sent to you.

The application form includes a checklist of the relevant information you need to submit.

Please provide two copies of your resource consent application so that all Council officers involved in processing applications are able to assess your proposal.

You are required to submit a written assessment of environmental effects. Your assessment should detail any likely adverse effects of your proposal on the land or environment and how you might avoid, remedy or mitigate them. We expect that your assessment is in line with the scale of your project and you may provide any additional supporting information that you think is necessary for us to understand your proposal. [ insert here our guide to preparing an assessment of environmental effects].

To submit your application you can:

  • Bring your application and deposit fee to the Manchester Street Office and ask to speak with the Duty Planner.
  • Mail your application and deposit fee to:
    • Manawatu District Council
      Private Bag 10001

Now that I have my Resource Consent, what should I do?

Applying for a Resource Consent

You can obtain an application form from the Council office or through the links on this page if your project require Resource Consent

Can I Subdivide?

Subdivisions (including boundary adjustments) require a resource consent within the Manawatu District. Find out if you can subdivide.

Development Contribution

Development contributions are fees charged for developments, to pay for the extra community and network infrastructure required as a result.


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Compilation of activities and industries that are considered likely to cause land contamination resulting from hazardous substance use, storage or disposal.

Next Steps

I have my Resource Consent, now what?

Pre-application Meeting

If you are planning a development, subdivision or building that may need consents, permits or licensing, we recommend talking to a Council Officer before submitting your application

Relocating a Building or Dwelling

A relocated building is any second-hand building which is transported in whole or in parts and relocated from its original site to a new site.

Resource Consents Overview

What type of consent might you require?

Useful Information

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