Applying for a Resource Consent

You can obtain an application form from the Council office or through the links below. You need to ensure that you provide enough information for Planning Officers to consider your proposal. If they require further information, this can delay your application. In some cases, you will need to seek advice from a specialist such as a consultant planner, landscape architect, registered engineer, surveyor, traffic engineer or other such person.

You need to complete the application in full and sign it. Gather all of the supporting material together including the Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) PDF File. You are then ready to lodge your application with Council.

If you are making multiple resource consent applications in relation to the same project, lodge them all together. This will ensure all environmental effects are considered at one time and avoid delays in the application process.

If you have any questions or require any assistance with completing your application form, please contact Council's planners.

Links that you may find useful:

An application for a Resource Consent must be made on Council's standard Resource Consent Form. 

Please click here for the relevant forms




Get Adobe ReaderTo view the PDF File-files, you will need Adobe Reader, click here to download it for free if required.