Notice of Requirement 8359


NOR Application

NOR Application (10.5MB) PDF File


Discharge Consent Application

Part 1 RCAAEE Feilding Wastewater (1.81MB)PDF File

Part 2 RCA Cover (1.82MB)PDF File

Part 3 Form 9s Final (9.93MB)PDF File

Part 4 AEE Cover (1.81MB)PDF File

Part 5 Authors Reviewers (18.5KB)PDF File

Part 6 Preamble (14KB)PDF File

Part 7 Executive Summary (80.8KB)PDF File

Part 8 TOC (112KB)PDF File

Part 9 Sec 1 (1.16MB)PDF File

Part 10 Sec 2 (3.20MB)PDF File

Part 11 Sec 3 (82.5KB)PDF File

Part 12 Sec 4 (3.61MB)PDF File

Part 13 Sec 5 (243KB)PDF File

Part 14 Sec 6. (4.42MB)PDF File

Part 15 Sec 7 (5.86MB)PDF File

Part 16 Sec 8 (5.59MB)PDF File

Part 17 Sec 9 (76KB)PDF File

Part 18 Sec 10 (12.2MB)PDF File

Part 19 Sec 11 (5.22MB)PDF File

Part 20 Sec 12 (2.25MB)PDF File

Part 21 Sec 13-16 (174KB)PDF File

Part 22 Sec 17-19 (45.8KB)PDF File


AEE Appendices

Part 1 Cover (2.05MB)PDF File

Part 2 App A Figures (10.4MB)PDF File

Part 3 App B Cert of Titles. (3.66MB)PDF File

Part 4 App C Feilding Wastewater Treatment Plant-November 2013. (455KB)PDF File

Part 5 App D Operative Regional Plan (72KB)PDF File

Part 6 App E Feilding Draft Conds (138KB)PDF File

Part 7 App F Economic Assessment (355KB)PDF File

Part 8 App G SASMO (4.27MB)PDF File

Part 9 App H Landcare Feilding disposal (718KB)PDF File

Part 10 App I Feilding WWTP Aquanet Water Quality (2.62MB)PDF File

Part 11 App J Oroua River Rec Rpt (804KB)PDF File

Part12 App K Aqualinc Groundwater EA (7.64MB)PDF File

Part 13 App L WW Irrig Report (4.69MB)PDF File

Part 14 Appx M SAR Rpt (184KB)PDF File

Part 15 Appx N Buffer Planting Concepts (1.27MB)PDF File

Part 16 App O WWTP Irrigator Noise Assessment (741KB)PDF File

Part 17 App P1 Crush MDC Client Rpt Soil Fertility (466KB)PDF File

Part 17 App P2 MDC Cut carry pasture (321KB)PDF File

Part 18 App Q LAMP (3.79MB)PDF File

Part 19 App R Proposed New Native Plant (2.05MB)PDF File

Part 20 App S CIA (2.60MB)PDF File

Part 21 App T1 Horizons Record of Pre Hearing Mtg (734KB)PDF File

Part 21 App T2 Pre-Hearing Rpt R Munneke (45.7KB)PDF File


Further Information

Letter to Horizons Regional Council for Appendix A (1.60MB)PDF File

MDC Appendix B Acousafe Background Sound Levels 28 March 2014 (13.3MB)PDF File

MDC Appendix C Amended Figure 1026 28 March 2014 (626KB)PDF File

MDC Appendix D New Certificate of Title 28 March 2014 (83.3KB)PDF File

MDC Letter only Additional Information 28 March 2014 (3.15MB)PDF File