Planning Brochures and Forms


Resource Consent Application 

Application for Certificate of Compliance 

Application to Stop a Road 

A guide to Land Use Consents

A Guide to Subdivisions 

A guide to Preparing an Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) 

Resource Consents - Fast Track and Permitted Boundary Activities


General Information 

Advertising signs ( 215KB)PDF File

Building a fence ( 1MB)PDF File

A guide to Nodal Areas ( 241KB)PDF File

Requirements for Site Plans ( 990KB)PDF File

Operating a Business from Home ( 400KB)PDF File

Closing Unformed Roads ( 1MB)PDF File

Planning to develop your property 2018-19


Affected Party

Being an affected person ( 867KB)PDF File

Notice of Written Approval by a Person Affected by an Application for Resource Consent (72.2KB) PDF File 

Attending a Resource Management Hearing ( 653KB)PDF File


Relocating Buildings

Relocating a House or Building ( 1.17MB)PDF File


Submission Forms

Form 13 - Submission Form ( 128KB)PDF File

Form 5 - Submission on a Publicly Notified Plan Change under clause 6 of the First Schedule to the Resource Management Act 1991 ( 263KB)PDF File

Form 6 - Further Submission in Support of, or in Opposition to Submission on a Publicly Notified Proposed Policy Statement or Plan ( 251KB)PDF File

Form 21 - Submission on Publicly Notified Requirements for Designation or Alteration of Designation under the Resource Management Act 1991 ( 264KB)PDF File


Fees and Charges

MDC Fees and Charges


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