Relocating a Building / Dwelling

A relocated building is any second-hand building which is transported in whole or in parts and relocated from its original site to a new site.

Relocated buildings are subject to the same resource consent requirements as other buildings.

You will require both Resource Consent and Building Consent to remove and relocate a building. Its location on the new site must comply with the requirements of the District Plan.

Your application to relocate a building should include:

  • A plan showing the elevations of the house, floor plan and pile layout
  • Photographs of the house or building to be relocated

An inspection by a Council Building Officer and Planning Officer is required, who will report on any building being relocated within the District as part of the relocation consent. The inspection determines an appropriate bond amount. You will be required to pay a cash bond to ensure the timely completion of any reinstatement work outlined by the Council officers.


 Relocation Pack (1.17MB)PDF File

Relocating a House brochure



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