Resource Consents Overview

Taihape Hills

If your project could impact on the environment or could affect other people, you may require a resource consent.

Under the  Resource Management Act 1991 www_Globe.jpg, the Manawatu District Council issues two types of resource consent covering:

  • Land Use
  • Subdivisions


Land Use Consent

Land Use Consent is a type of Resource Consent.  You will need  Land Use Consent if you wish to use your land for something that is not allowed by a rule in the District Plan.  An example is building a house too close to a property boundary. 


Subdivision Consent

Subdivision Consents are required to subdivide land or buildings for separate ownership, such as new lots or sections (fee simple), unit title, flat plans (cross lease) or company lease.

In determining an application for resource consent the Council will consider the information put forward by the applicant (or agent), any submitters (where relevant) and Council staff.


Do I need a Resource Consent?

If you are considering a project or activity which may require a Resource Consent, Manawatu District Council planning staff will be able to assist.  They can explain which activities require Resource Consents under the Resource Managment Act 1991.  If consent is required, they can also provide guidance on the type of effects, assesment and consultation that would be appropriate for your proposal.