Useful Information

Other useful advice and information

Pre Application Meetings: If you are planning a development, subdivision or building that may need consents, permits or licensing, we recommend talking to a Council Officer before submitting your application. You can request pre application meeting here.

Development Contributions: Council has a policy to ensure that growth and the cost of infrastructure to meet that growth, is funded by those who cause the need for that infrastructure. Check here to see if your development might result in the need to pay a development contribution.

Notified Resource Consents Applications: Information for applicants whose resource consent is being notified, as well as information for parties who have been identified as being affected by a proposed resource consent.

Relocated Buildings: Information for people specifically looking to relocate a building in the Manawatu.

Advertising Signage: Information regarding advertising signs in the Manawatu District.

Operating a Business from Home: Information on running your own business from home.

Natural Hazards guidance: A consistent approach to consenting of building work on land subject to natural hazards