Find your collection day in Feilding

Please use the form below to find your rubbish and recycling collection information. If the information is not available, please read the information below the form.


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FEILDING Your recycling wheelie bin has a sticker on its side. This sticker displays, among other things, your collection day. The illustration below shows where to find the collection day on the sticker.


‘TUE1’ means rubbish and recycling will be picked up on Tuesdays at that property, and recycling will be collected in week 1 as displayed on the recycling calendar, remembering recycling is collected every two weeks. If the sticker displayed ‘TUE2’ recycling would be collected every second Tuesday where ‘week 2’ is displayed on the recycling calendar. If you are still unsure please call the Council on 06 323 0000 or possibly ask your neighbour.

VILLAGES For those people living in the district's villages, your rubbish collection days are provided below.



 Apiti Thursday 
 Cheltenham Thursday 
 Colyton Monday 
 Glen Oroua Monday 
 Halcombe Monday 
 Himatangi Beach Monday 
 Hiwinui Monday 
 Kairanga Thursday 
 Kauwhata Thursday 
 Kimbolton Thursday 
 Pohangina Thursday 
 Rangiotu Monday 
 Rangiwahia Thursday 
 Rongotea Friday 
 Sanson Friday 
 Tangimoana Monday 
 Waituna West Bulk collection only 


RURAL A rural rubbish collection is provided along a specific route through the district every week. Please download the rural collection map to see the collection route. Residents living on properties outside the route can drop off their rubbish in Council's blue rubbish bags along the route on the specified days for collection.