Your Council


Information about Council's committees, their terms of reference, and membership.

Community Honours

Award scheme to recognise the significant contributions made to the community by individual citizens and organisations


This page describes the functions, responsibilities and activities of the Manawatu District Council.

Council Organisations

Information about Council's appointments to outside organisations, including Council Organisations, Council Controlled Organisations and Joint Committees.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Employment Opportunity

Information on the Council's Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Employment Opportunities policy.

Elected Members Roles and Conduct

This page describes the role of elected members and their responsibilities.


General Information regarding the local Council elections including information about the Maori Ward Poll held 23 April to 15 May 2018 and the 2018 representation review.

Executive Management

An introduction to the Manawatu District Council Executive Team, including an overview of the organisation structure.

Governance Structures and Processes

Information about Council's committee structure and related delegations of authority, and appointments of elected members to external organisations.


Learn about the history of the Manawatu District and the council's crest, including Roll of Elected Members since 1989

Local Governance Statement

Information about the processes through which the Manawatu District Council engages with its community, how the Council makes decisions, and how citizens can influence those processes.

Mayor and Councillors

Contact details for Manawatu District Council's Mayor and Councillors

Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

Upcoming meetings and relevant document downloads

Our Vision

This page describes the Manawatu District Council's Vision, Community Outcomes and Values - Why we do, what we do.

Policies for Liaising with Maori

Information on policies for liaising with, and memoranda or agreements with, Maori

Youth Ambassadors

Our Manawatu District Youth Ambassadors.

Zero Tolerance

Council is committed to providing a safe working environment for staff.