Our Vision

Connected, vibrant and thriving Manawatu – the best rural lifestyle in New Zealand.

This expression of the desired future state of Manawatu was developed by the Council in 2011 and consulted on through the Long Term Plan. In June 2012 it, and Vision Statements for our district communities, were confirmed:

Rural Area Vision Statement:

The food basket of New Zealand within a sustainable rural landscape that offers outstanding recreational opportunity.

Village Vision Statement:

Attractive and prosperous communities that offer lifestyle choices and business opportunities within a unique environment.

Feilding Urban Vision Statement:

 A thriving community enjoying the most vibrant country town in New Zealand, servicing the regional rural sector.

These Vision Statements guide Council in its activity and provides a compelling picture of our future.

Community Outcomes we are working towards

  • Kaitiakitanga - Manawatu District will improve the natural environment, stewarding the District in a practice aligned to the concept of kaitiakitanga which translates as holistic guardianship
  • Attract and Retain Residents - The Manawatu District will attract and retain residents
  • Broad Economic Base - Manawatu District develops a broad economic base from its solid foundation in the primary sector
  • Quality Infrastructure - Manawatu and its people are connected via quality infrastructure and technology
  • Safe Built Environment - Manawatu's built environment is safe, reliable and attractive
  • Agile Organisation - Manawatu District Council is an agile and effective organisation

Organisational Values – how we deliver on our Vision.

Our organisation promotes the six values of:


Promote enjoyment of our workplace – laughter and a sense of humour are healthy.


Act with integrity at all times, communicate openly and honestly with each other and customers.


Challenge the way we do things, be open-minded to change and other ideas.


Exercise appropriate skills, expertise and demeanour.


Support one another so all staff are able to fulfil the requirements of their position and feel a sense of belonging to the organisation.


Be trustworthy; behave in a manner that builds confidence in one another.

The result - Our people delivering great service to our community