Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists questions we've been asked relating to the October 2016 elections, and the answers to those questions.

Candidate Billboards

Question: What are the rules around the billboards that the candidates are putting up around the District?

Answer: Signs for electioneering purposes are classed as "temporary signs" and are controlled by rules in Council's District Plan. The rules for these are outlined in Council's brochure: Advertising Signs Pamphlet and Council's Candidate Information Handbook 

It is important to remember:

  • Signs shall not be located on roads (this is from boundary to boundary) or on Council properties
  • Consent from property owners needs to be obtained for signs on private land
  • no sign shall be larger than 3 square metres
  • No sign shall detrimentally affect traffic safety or traffic control by creating a visual obstruction or confusing motorists
  • Signs shall not be structurally unsound or unsafe
  • Illuminated signs shall be non-flashing
  • Manawatu District Council does not have sign parks
  • There are rules in sections 113-115 of the Local Electoral Act 2001 that requires all election advertising to identify the person under whose authority the advertising has been produced.
  • Any signs being placed on state highways need the permission of the New Zealand Transport Authority who can be contacted on 06 953 6200.

Meet the Candidates

Question: Will Council organise public meetings for people to meet the candidates?

Answer: Council does not organise meet the candidates sessions.  However community organisations usually organise public meetings for people to meet candidates and ask them questions.  Contact details for all the candidates are available on our website The Candidates for anyone that would like to organise a meeting, talk to candidates, or email them questions to answer.

Ward Map

Question: How do I know what Ward I'm in for the elections?

Answer: You can use our online maps to see what Ward your property falls within.  From District Maps use our Online GIS service Intramaps, enter your property address and included in the information provided about your property will be the name of the Ward your property is in.

To view the Ward Maps, go to Representation Review page.  This shows the Ward Maps resulting from the last review of representation.

Casting an Early Vote

Question: I'm going overseas soon, and won't be here during the voting period.  Can I cast an early vote before I leave?

Answer: The voting period is restricted by legislation to the period 16 September to noon on 8 October 2016.  If you are not going to be in our District during this time, you can ask to have a special voting document posted to you at a place you will be.  Please note we are unable to post special voting forms out prior to 16 September.  When you receive the special voting document, you will need to complete it, have it witnessed according to the instructions provided and post it back to us so it is received by the Electoral Officer PRIOR to close of voting at 12 noon on 8 October 2016.

Enrolling as a Ratepayer Elector

Question: although the Ratepayer Elector roll has now closed, can I still enrol and cast a vote as a ratepayer elector?

Answer:  because the roll has closed, you will not receive the ordinary voting documents in the mail.  However, you can ask us to send you a special voting document and a ratepayer elector enrolment form once the voting period opens.   You will need to complete the ratepayer elector enrolment form, and the special voting documents, according to the instructions provided and return both sets of documents to the Electoral Officer PRIOR to the close of voting at 12 noon on 8 October 2016.

Note: a Ratepayer Elector is a person that owns property within the Manawatu District, but lives outside of the Manawatu District.  Information about enrolling on the Ratepayer Elector roll was sent to all ratepayers with their May 2016 rate demands.