Feilding Ward

Feilding Ward

This page lists the Feilding Ward candidates for election to the Manawatu District Council:

Feilding Ward

  Barbara Cameron 0273235332  barbaracameron4702@gmail.com
  Tuned into the rural / urban sector, Barbara brings a wealth of community experience and knowledge about local, regional and national issues and networks.

 A fourth term Councillor, Barbara understands the need to work within the parameters of the Local Government Act.  Barbara is under no illusion for the need to balance her role as a voice for the community with the legal responsibilities of a decision maker.

Total immersion in Council matters has seen Barbara actively participate in the long term plan strategic policy and planning, economic development, major projects, environment, infrastructure, community development, iwi liaison, community funding, local liquor licensing, hearings, community committees, citizenship ceremonies and, ongoing discussions with all neighbouring councils.  

Barbara holds ministerial appointments on MidCentral DHB and Ministry of Social Development Community Response Forum.  These roles strengthen Council’s opportunity to work collaboratively. 

Barbara’s professional background is in local government, funding distribution, public health and education. 

  Stuart Campbell 0272413592  stuart@feilding.co.nz
  I am pleased to have lived in the Manawatu District all of my life. I attended Taonui School, Feilding High School and Massey University. For the last 25 years I have been working as a Chartered Accountant in public practice in Feilding. I have enjoyed meeting and working with many local people and assisted many to build better businesses.

I’ve enjoyed plenty of community involvement and board experience through many local clubs, charities, schools and sports, including several charitable trusts, Feilding Intermediate, basketball, Rotary and the Pipe Band.

I will listen to your views on local issues, contribute to debates at Council meetings, work to ensure good financial decisions are made and do my best to provide vision and leadership to shape the future of the Manawatu District to make it a better place to live, work and visit.

  Shane Casey 0274309258 stcasey@slingshot.co.nz 
  What a great town and district we have. I love living in the Manawatu and raising my family here.  It has been a privilege to serve as a councillor and I look forward to serving the people of the Manawatu Districts again. I want to be part of a council that focuses on actively caring for its people.  I want to work with a team that acknowledges, appreciates and supports the many hard working, passionate volunteers in the community.  I want to work with a team that promotes family living, takes the interests of our youth seriously and at the same time respects the hard work and dedication of our older folk. I look forward to working with a team that strives for better value for money for ratepayers and encourages a culture of enabling businesses to establish themselves successfully in our region.
  Tony Chapman 021511962 tonyandros@xtra.co.nz
  With this election, and the appointment of a new CEO, voters have an exciting opportunity to re-create a meaningful connection with their community. Those elected to Council will have considerable work to do and I believe I have the skills to support them to achieve their goals.

I have been actively assisting the townsfolk to make Feilding a vibrant place to live and I have developed businesses here because I understood what a progressive council working with active volunteers could achieve. As the recipient of the 2014 Community Award for outstanding business contribution to Feilding I believe I have the right to say the current Council has lost both its way and its ability to listen to the community’s needs.

I want to be your partner so that we can decisively work towards reversing this situation.

If people ask who are you supporting say Tony Chapman, I am with him.

  Wayne Ellery 0274530114 wayne.ellery.scruffy@gmail.com

I was born and raised in Feilding and now reside just outside the town boundary on a lifestyle block with my family.  We own two longstanding businesses in the town employing 18 staff and have several financial investments in town. 

I am on several community committees and I am president of both Manchester Lions and the Feilding Dog Training club. 

I have had the privilege of serving as a councillor for the last two terms.  I am standing again as councillor in the Feilding ward as I believe it is important to continue to strengthen our town and districts future.  We can achieve this through strong economic growth and sound decision making that is affordable for both young and old.

Manawatu districts most valuable asset is its people and I believe my role is to advocate on behalf of the individuals and groups in our community

  Michael Ford 0275424707 Michael@watsonrealestate.co.nz

I offer a strong voice for business, our local community, and district economic growth. I chaired Feilding Promotion for 20 years, driving revitalisation and community driven growth, contributing to growing population, new development, attractive and vibrant town, new business and better performing property values than our regional neighbours. Everyone, including our youth, benefits from managed growth.

I have 38 years experience in the property industry, town planning hearings and Environment Court experience, and considerable governance experience, which are all relevant to Council work. I live at Colyton; Feilding is my town.

While respecting Council, there is room for improvement, and I am concerned that our rates are some of the highest in New Zealand. I believe in a lean Council, with positive attitude and vision to make our district great, and I will speak up to achieve this. I believe in better support for worthwhile community organisations and local business.

  Hilary Humphrey 0211127761 hilaryhumphreynz@gmail.com
  I am the face of future Feilding - providing fresh insights and strong leadership committed to the best outcomes for our community.

I bring experience in economic development, governance, early childhood education and not-for-profit management.  I believe in building on the legacy of previous generations to deliver creative, responsible solutions to the issues we face as a community, now and in the future.

My husband Geoff grew up on his family's farm; our four children are 6th generation locals and proudly call Feilding home.  We’re involved in activities throughout the community.  I’m also a member of the Institute of Directors, serving on Manchester House Social Services and Eden Kindergarten boards.

You deserve a Councillor who's passionate about ensuring we respond to your concerns, while supporting families, strengthening business and employment, and developing positive strategy that values our growing older population. Let me work on solutions today for Feilding's future tomorrow.

  Albert James 063235934 asjames@clear.net.nz
  My name is Albert James, I was born in the UK and have called New Zealand home for more than 45 years, most of those years living and working in the Manawatu.

I am married to Sue, and have three children and 2 grandchildren.

My career, spanning 38 years has been managing the parks and reserves for the district. I retired in 2012.

I am a life member of Keep New Zealand Beautiful and was unit commander of 32 Squadron Feilding Air Training Corp.

For many years I have been involved with running of The Manawatu Garden Festival.

I volunteer my time to other community projects whenever I can.

  Tony Jensen 021491808 tony.jensen22@gmail.com
  I have been privileged to represent you in the last two terms and I seek your mandate to continue serving the Manawatu District.

During the last three years I have been your Deputy-Mayor, chairman of Council’s Strategic Planning and Policy Committee, a member of the Hearings committee, Audit and Risk committee, PNCC joint strategic committee, Licensing committee, an RMA commissioner and part of Council’s Mana Whakahaere group.

The Manawatu is growing exponentially and is a fabulous place to live and work. I want to remain part of the leadership team that provides the Governance to ensure that growth continues.

As well as my Council Commitments I belong to Makino Rotary Club, am vice-president of Johnston Park Bowls, and a JP so I am well in touch with the District’s ratepayers.

Please favour me with your vote to enable me to serve you further.

  Russell Johnson 0211373072 capers@inspire.net.nz
  I worked for Toyota NZ for over 20 Years and now for the past 10 years self-employed in a growing family business. 

Our district and Feilding is a wonderful place to live and raise a family with a close rural community and proximity to the opportunities available from the city.  

There is no denying we live in a thriving district, with a great many success stories to celebrate. However, there are number of things we could be doing better to protect and develop our economy, community and resources for future generations.

Population growth that achieves greater sustainability of the economy

Retention of youth through job creation and career prospects

Alternative Income sources not relying solely on Rate Payers.

I’m a strong believer in team work and listening to others as seeds of wisdom can come from the most unlikely sources.

Together as a team we all achieve more.

  Mike Richardson 0212566777 mike@timewellspent.co.nz
  Listen, Learn, Lead.

Every three years Council prepares a Plan that sets out its spending intentions. It focuses on new projects but assumes most spending will continue. If elected I will propose that all spending be thoroughly scrutinised.  Value for money must be the focus.

Council must listen, learn, then lead.

We would listen and learn from locals who care and from Council staff. Leadership is leveraging what works and scrapping what doesn’t give value.

I have worked in councils since 1975, including 10 years as Chief Executive of Christchurch City and consulted throughout New Zealand and overseas.

Lynn and I have been married 43 years and share a strong Christian faith. We migrated in 1982 and love this country where we have raised our family of three daughters, now with ten grandchildren. I am standing because I want to give something back to Feilding and Manawatu, my adopted home.

  Jordan Simeon 02040748659 jgsimeon82@gmail.com

I am 34 years old born and raised in Feilding from a local family that stretches back generations.  I'm absolutely proud to call Feilding my home.

If three words can define my candidacy they would be: Passion, Care and Logic. These words express principles that sum up my experience in operations management and administrative support to organisations such as Statistics NZ, GE Money & Leighton Facilities Management (Australia Pty).

I am Passionate to see our district succeed through a united council focus that attracts prospective businesses to Feilding.

Caring means exploring community safety initiatives together; ensuring our families and neighbourhoods are safe and cohesive.

Finally Logic is at the heart of common sense and objective reasoning. I will ask the difficult questions when necessary, not to hinder the governance process but to ensure that scrupulous transparency and accountability surrounds every ratepayer dollar spent and every crucial decision made.