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MDC Youth Council

What we do as a Youth Council

Formerly known as Youth Ambassadors, the Youth Council has input and a voice in Council decisions that affect their community.  It also provides an opportunity for the Youth Council members to learn government processes and to develop leadership skills.

As per the Youth Council’s Terms of Reference, members are required to engage with their wider youth community in collating viewpoints for inclusion in submissions to Council.  This will assist elected members in forming a decision knowing this wider community’s viewpoint.

In conjunction with providing community feedback to Council, the Youth Council is a youth driven platform on which to mutually engage.  The Youth Council can act as an avenue to develop skills and involve youth in civic engagement, government and its decision making processes.

The Youth Council creates an annual work plan with measurable targets in which to review value of time, energy and money invested.  Targets generally include:

  • Identifying issues that are important to young people in the Manawatū District, and where appropriate propose positive solutions.
  • Making submissions to Council, both written and oral, on matters of interest or concern to young people.  Make submissions to government on issues affecting youth in the Manawatū.
  • Involvement in community projects such as:
    • Manawatū Young Achievers Awards - acknowledging the effort and success demonstrated by our youth
    • Feilding Colour Run - a free event aiming to encourage physical activity in our community
    • Little Christmas
    • Other community events that benefit from youth involvement/organisation.

The Manawatū Youth Council is also one of Council’s key stakeholders in the implementation of Council’s Youth Action Plan.


Terms of Reference (485KB pdf)

Code of Conduct (346KB pdf)

Youth Council Member Role Description (346KB pdf)


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Apply to be a Youth Councillor

Be the voice of your community as we look at topics facing both local and central government!

If you are between 13 and 24 years of age apply to be a Youth Councillor by answering the below questions. This will enable us to make an informed decision around who would be most suitable around our Youth Council table for 2022 and beyond. Diversity is really important to us as we work towards modern expectations and we are hoping for a range of applications.

Please be aware that this is a commitment and we will be meeting twice a month from March - December. Meetings will take place on the first Monday of each month at the council chambers at 5:30pm and a fortnight after that via zoom at 7pm. A minimum level of participation will be discussed by the successful Council and adopted into a terms of reference once the Council has been elected. We will also expect involvement with the community initiatives mentioned above and additional events that may arise.

Once elected, members will have the right to remain on the Council for a term of two (2) years, however should members head out of the district, for university or another commitment, then a one year term is acceptable.

Please complete the required information below. Applications close on Friday 26 November.

If you have any questions please contact Councillor Heather Gee-Taylor.

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