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Event Fund Application

Before completing your application for a grant from our Event Fund, please ensure that you have read the guidelines and that your application meets our Community Development Policy (834KB pdf) funding criteria. 

If you have read the guidelines and are still unsure whether your project meets the criteria, please contact Janine Hawthorn on 06 323 0000 or

Applicant details

Legal status

Are you a registered charity?:

Are you an incorporated society?:

Are you a trust?:

If none of the above, are you applying as an individual or a commercial organisation?:

Finance details

Is your organisation GST registered?:

About your group/organisation

Event details

Event costs and contributions

List the costs you would like us to fund (items and $ value):

Please attach any quotations here:

List what your contribution will be towards the event - items and value (note: you may include $, volunteer hours, materials/supplies, professional services):

Supporting documents

Please attach any supporting documents here (eg. Letters of support):

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The report to include operational debrief including venue, signage, safety and the sustainable practices used, media coverage, approximate number of attendees, actual expenditure and income for event or festival, resources that were used including volunteer and staff time, the objectives put forward to support the funding application has been realised, if the event or festival has the potential to grow and the impact on the community if this event was no long run or scaled back.

Where did you hear about the Manawatū Community Development Fund?:


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