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2019 Council Elections

2019 Local Authority Elections


A copy of the candidates' electoral expenses and donation forms can be viewed here (13MB pdf) .


 The final result for the Manawatu District Council elections held on Saturday 12th October is as follows.

Mayoralty   Votes Received
WORBOYS, Helen    4,733
CASEY, Shane Independent   2,867
JOHNSON, Russell    1,454

Helen WORBOYS is declared elected.

Rural Ward (5 vacancies)   Votes Received 
SHORT, Alison An Experienced Rural Voice   2,441
BIELSKI, Steve Rural Advocate  2,417
QUARRIE, Andrew  Independent & Rural  2,333
GEE-TAYLOR, Heather     2,171
MARSH, Phil People, Progressive, Pragmatic  1,839
SHANNON, Mary-Anne Rural Independent  1,608
PERSSON, Raewyn    1,492
BROWN, Paul McDonald    1,085

 Steve BIELSKI, Heather GEE-TAYLOR, Phil MARSH, Andrew QUARRIE and Alison SHORT are declared elected.

Feilding Ward (5 vacancies)   Votes Received 
HUMPHREY, Hilary    3,605
CASEY, Shane Independent   3,413
CAMPBELL, Stuart    3,083
FORD, Michael    2,940
HADFIELD, Grant    2,408
DARR, Tabby    2,299
DODGE, Amber Independent  1,884

Stuart CAMPBELL, Shane CASEY, Michael FORD, Grant HADFIELD and Hilary HUMPHREY are declared elected.

The voter return was 43.87%, being 9,172 votes, excluding special votes.


Warwick Lampp

Electoral Officer

Manawatu District Council

16 October 2019


Voting Return Statistics

You can view the voting return statistics on the following link: MDC Voting Returns

Candidate Information

Link to Manawatu District Council Candidate Nominations 2019

Candidate Contact Details (39KB pdf)

Meet the Candidate Events

You can see a list of the "Meet the Candidate" events that we are aware of here (36KB pdf).

We will update this listing whenever we are advised of a new event to add.

Election Timetable

Date Description
From 17 July 2019 Elections advertised and nominations called
19 July - 16 August 2019 Candidate nomination period - closes 12 noon on 16 August 2019
2 August 2019 Manawatu District Council Pre-election report available
6 August 2019 Candidate Briefing Session - 7.00pm Council Chambers
20 September - 12 October 2019 Voting period (including Special Voting). Early processing period.
12 October 2019 Election day. Voting closes at 12 noon.
Preliminary results announced.
By 17 October 2019 Official result released
From 17 October 2019 Official result advertised
17 December 2019 Register of election expenses and donation expenses published

Candidate Briefing Session

A candidate information session was held at Manawatu District Council on Tuesday 6 August 2019, at 7.00pm in the Council Chambers. Candidates will be able to hear directly from the Electoral Officer everything they need to know about running for election to the Manawatu District Council. A copy of the presentation given at the briefing session can be read here (4MB pdf) .

Candidate Handbook

A guide for everyone standing for election to Council at the 2019 elections is available from the link below, and from Council's administration building.

Candidate Information Handbook (8MB pdf)

Candidate Conflicts of Interest

Candidates cannot be anyone that has an involvement in contracts over $25,000 with the Council. This restriction can be waived if prior approval from the Office of the Controller and Auditor General is sought.

The two specific rules in the Local Authorities (Members' Interests) Act are that members cannot:

  • enter into contracts with their local authority worth more than $25,000 in a financial year; or
  • participate in matters before their authority in which they have a pecuniary interest, other than an interest in common with the public.

See information on the Office of the Auditor General's website: Guidance on Pecuniary Interests

For those interested in standing as a candidate for election to a District Health Board, as well as the above qualifications for candidacy you must also not be disqualified by either clause 17, Schedule 2 of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 or section 30(2)(a) to (f) of the Crown Entities Act 2004.

Pre-Election Report

The pre-election report (3MB pdf) is a report that provides information to promote public discussion about the issues facing the Council. It is required by Section 99A(4) Local Government Act 2002.  You can find out more about Major Capital Projects (138KB pdf) planned for the next three years here (138KB pdf).

Printed copies are available from the Feilding Library or Council's administration building, from 2 August 2019 onwards.

Election Signs

Electioneering signs are permitted in the two month period prior to the election (i.e. from 12 August) and must be removed within one week after the election.  More information is in Advertising Signs Pamphlet and in the Candidate Information Handbook Candidate Information Handbook  (8MB pdf). Please note electioneering signs cannot be placed on Council property, or on roads (from boundary to boundary).

Enrolling to Vote

You must be enrolled in order to vote in the 2019 Council elections.

Information on enrolling to vote in Council, District Health Board and New Zealand Parliamentary elections can be viewed here.

Ratepayer-Elector Enrolment

If you live outside of the Manawatu District, but own and pay rates on a property within the Manawatu district, then you may qualify to vote more than once at the local authority elections on 12 October 2019.

To enrol as a Ratepayer Elector to vote in the Manawatu District Council's elections you can download and complete an enrolment form from here (95KB pdf) .

If you live within the Manawatu District, but own and pay rates on a property outside of the Manawatu District, you need to contact that Council for an enrolment form to complete.

Contact Council 06 323 0000 for more information.