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Candidate Q&As 2019

Candidate Q&As 2019

Ward Boundaries

Question: Where can I view a map that shows the boundaries between the Rural Ward and the Feilding Ward?

Answer: Council's website has an interactive map that shows these boundaries.  From the home page, choose Online Maps, then Launch Online Maps.  Expand the layers item on the menu, and select "Proposed ward boundaries 2019 election".  You can zoom in to this map to see detail of the boundary between the two wards.

Status of Elected Members

Question: Is an elected member considered an employee of the Council?

Answer: For tax purposes, elected members are treated by the Inland Revenue Department as self-employed. Their remuneration is treated as schedular payments and has withholding tax deducted at 33%. Elected members are able to claim expenses incurred in their role as part of their annual filing of their tax return. Elected members are responsible for meeting their own ACC Levy obligations. For the purposes of the Goods and Services Tax Act 1985, the term "taxable activity" does not apply to the role of a Chairperson or member of any local authority.

Size of the Manawatu District

Question: How many square kilometres is the Manawatu District?

Answer: The Manawatu District is 256,562 hectares. According to Wikipedia it is 2,624 square kilometres.

Use of Feilding Clock Tower in Election Advertising

Question: For my campaign poster I’m using an image of Feilding township (with the clock tower) sourced from Google search.  Would there be any issues with this for example any breaches of copyrights or campaigning rules?

Answer: The clock tower is a public asset owned by the Council similar to our roads and parks. If it was in the background of a candidate advertisement we don’t think it would classed as using Council assets for election purposes.

Any picture of the town includes Council assets and we can’t claim copyright due to public usage.

The only thing that you might need to check is the image source and whether there is any copyright on the particular image itself .

Candidate Billboards

Question: what are the rules around the billboards that candidates put up around the district?

Answer: Signs for electioneering purposes are classed as temporary signs and controlled by rules in the Council's District Plan.  Billboards cannot go up in the Manawatu District before 12 August.  Electioneering signs are also subject to legislative requirements in the Local Electoral Act.  The candidates information handbook contains comprehensive information about all the rules relating to billboards.  It is important that all candidates read and understand these requirements.  See the Candidates Information Handbook here (8MB pdf)

Election campaign branding colour

Question: Can I use the same orange colour used by the Electoral Commission and in the Vote 2019 branding for my campaign signs?

Answer: No, not if it is the same orange.

Meet the Candidates Meetings

Question: will Council organise public meetings for people to meet the candidates?

Answer: Usually community organisations arrange the "meet the candidate" sessions. Contact details for all candidates are available from Council's elections page on our website. We also publish on our website a list of the "meet the candidate" events that we are aware of to help organisers avoid double-booking candidates for their events.