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Frequently Asked Questions Election 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Voting papers not received yet

Question: I haven't received my voting papers. What should I do?

Answer: contact the Deputy Electoral Officer at Manawatu District Council.  You may need to come into Council to do a special vote, or have special voting papers sent to you.

Voting on behalf

Question: are people able to nominate someone to vote on their behalf? If so, what are the circumstances this applies to?

Answer: there are three circumstances where someone can assist another person to vote. These are if the voter is (a) physically impaired; or (b) unable to read or write; or (c) not sufficiently familiar with the language used in the voting document to vote without assistance. If any of these three circumstances apply, then the voter can vote with the assistance of a person they have authorised to assist them, or the voter can authorise a person to vote in accordance with their instructions. These are the only circumstances that would allow someone to vote on someone's behalf, or assist them with their vote.

Order of names on voting paper

Question: why are the candidates on my voting paper listed in a different order to other voting papers in our household?

Answer: Councils have three options to choose from for the order that candidate names can be shown on voting papers.  Alphabetical, random and pseudo-random.  In May 2019 the Manawatu District Council adopted the random order for candidate names on its voting papers.

Number of councillors on voting paper

Question: there are 10 councillors and 1 mayor, but my voting paper says I can vote for up to 5 councillors and doesn't have all of the candidates on it.  Why is this?

Answer: in Manawatu District councillors are elected by ward.  There are two wards, the Feilding Ward and the Rural Ward.  Five councillors are elected from each ward. Where you live determines which ward you are electing councillors from.

Voting as a non-resident property owner

Question: I own property within the Manawatu District, but live outside the district. Can I vote in the Manawatu District Council elections, and if so, how do I arrange this?

Answer: you will need to enrol as a ratepayer elector.  Download and complete this form (96KB pdf) then come and visit the Council office to cast a special vote.

Casting an early vote 

Question: I'm going overseas soon, and won't be here during the voting period. Can I cast an early vote before I leave?

Answer: the voting period is restricted by legislation to the period 20 September to 12 noon 12 October 2019. If you are not going to be in the District during this time, you can ask to have a special voting document posted to you at a place that you will be. Please note we are unable to post special voting documents out before 20 September. When you receive the special voting documents, you will need to complete the documents, including the separate declaration that you will need to have witnessed according to the instructions provided. You will need to ensure you post the documents back to us in time for them to be received by the Electoral Officer before close of voting at 12 noon on 12 October.  They cannot be submitted electronically.

Candidate Billboards

Question: what are the rules around the billboards that candidates put up around the district?

Answer: Signs for electioneering purposes are classed as temporary signs and controlled by rules in the Council's District Plan.  Billboards cannot go up in the Manawatu District before 12 August.  Electioneering signs are also subject to legislative requirements in the Local Electoral Act.  The candidates information handbook contains comprehensive information about all the rules relating to billboards.  It is important that all candidates read and understand these requirements.  See the Candidates Information Handbook here (8MB pdf)

Meet the Candidates Meetings

Question: will Council organise public meetings for people to meet the candidates?

Answer: Usually community organisations arrange the "meet the candidate" sessions. Contact details for all candidates are available from Council's website on its main elections page. We have also published on that page a list of the "meet the candidate" events that we are aware of to help organisers avoid double-booking candidates for their events.

Receiving voting papers

Question: when will voting papers be sent out and who are they sent to?

Answer: voting papers start to be sent out on 20 September 2019.  They will be sent to everyone on the electoral roll. You can check your details on the electoral roll by calling 0800 36 76 56 or visiting Voters on the unpublished roll will be sent a letter from the Electoral Commission from 20 September advising them that voting had opened and that they could visit their local Council to cast a special vote.