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Audit and Risk Committee

Recent agendas and minutes can be downloaded below. Click here for more information about the Audit and Risk Committee.

12 August 2021:Agenda (4.4MB pdf)Minutes (202KB pdf)
13 May 2021:Agenda (7.6MB pdf)
Presentation - Health and Safety Deep Dive - Compliance and Building Services (5.9MB pdf)
Minutes (102KB pdf)
11 February 2021:Agenda (7.2MB pdf)
Presentation - Health and Safety Deep Dive - Parks and Property (5.2MB pdf)
Minutes (262KB pdf)
12 November 2020:Agenda (6.2MB pdf)Minutes (206KB pdf)
04 September 2020:Agenda (8.5MB pdf)
Presentation - Health and Safety Deep Dive - Native Plant Nursery (3MB pdf)
Minutes (212KB pdf)
13 August 2020:Agenda (4.5MB pdf)Minutes (209KB pdf)
14 May 2020:Agenda (6.1MB pdf)
Presentation 1 - Insurance Overview (479KB pdf)
Presentation 2 - Employee Engagement Survey (346KB pdf)
Minutes (73KB pdf)
13 February 2020:Agenda (11MB pdf)
Presentation 1 - Risk Management (2.6MB pdf)
Minutes (100KB pdf)
06 September 2019:Agenda (13.7MB pdf)Minutes (70KB pdf)
16 August 2019:Agenda (9.9MB pdf)Minutes (96KB pdf)
17 May 2019:Agenda (2.1MB pdf)Minutes (76KB pdf)
15 February 2019:Agenda (5.3MB pdf)Minutes (83KB pdf)
09 November 2018:Agenda (4.8MB pdf)Minutes (111KB pdf)
07 September 2018:Agenda (8.6MB pdf)Minutes (92KB pdf)
10 August 2018:Agenda (1.8MB pdf)Minutes (93KB pdf)
22 May 2018:Agenda (2.7MB pdf)Minutes (94KB pdf)
16 February 2018:Agenda (6.2MB pdf)Minutes (106KB pdf)
10 November 2017:Agenda (5.4MB pdf)Minutes (93KB pdf)
11 August 2017:Agenda (2.7MB pdf)Minutes (85KB pdf)
19 May 2017:Agenda (2.8MB pdf)Minutes (98KB pdf)
10 February 2017:Agenda (8.5MB pdf)Minutes (70KB pdf)
01 September 2016:Agenda (2.2MB pdf)Minutes (87KB pdf)
07 July 2016:Agenda (1.7MB pdf)Minutes (69KB pdf)

To view these documents you will need Adobe Reader. Click here to download and install it for free.