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Council and Committee Agendas & Minutes

Recent Manawatu District Council agendas and minutes can be downloaded below. Click here for more information about the Mayor and Councillors.

03 December 2020:Agenda (9.1MB pdf) 
26 November 2020:Agenda (1.9MB pdf) 
19 November 2020:Agenda (16MB pdf)
Item 11.4 ATT - Awahuri Forest Kitchener Park Trust Signed Financial Statements and Audit Opinion 2019-2020 (863KB pdf)
Minutes (232KB pdf)
05 November 2020:Agenda (4.7MB pdf)
Attachment 1 Item 11.2 - Updated Draft Infrastructure Strategy 2021-2051 (2MB pdf)
Attachment 2 Item 11.2 - Draft Roading Activity Management Plan 2021-24 (5.9MB pdf)
Attachment 3 Item 11.2 - Draft Roading Programme Business Case 2021-24 (10.6MB pdf)
Attachment 4 Item 11.2 - Draft Three Waters Asset Management Plan (16.4MB pdf)
Attachment 5 Item 11.2 - Draft Community Facilities Asset Management Plans (11.8MB pdf)
Presentation - Feilding High School re Climate Change (1.7MB pdf)
Minutes (240KB pdf)
15 October 2020:Agenda (3.7MB pdf)
Addendum to Item 11.1 Submissions - Cemeteries Management Strategy (6.9MB pdf)
Presentation - Annual Residents Survey 2019-20 Results (441KB pdf)
Presentation - Kimbolton School re Rural Waste (1.4MB pdf)
Minutes (185KB pdf)
01 October 2020:Agenda (4.8MB pdf)
Attachment Item 11.1 Schedule of Submitters - Cemeteries Management Strategy (5.7MB pdf)
Item 11.1 Late Submission 07 - Anderson Memorials (406KB pdf)
Minutes (249KB pdf)
17 September 2020:Agenda (9.8MB pdf)
Attachment Item 9.1 Annual Report 2019-20 (5.5MB pdf)
Attachments Item 11.3 Draft Community Facilities Strategy (10.1MB pdf)
Attachments Item 11.4 Walking and Cycling Strategy (4.9MB pdf)
Presentation - Quarterly economic update - June 2020 (3.7MB pdf)
Minutes (224KB pdf)
10 September 2020:Agenda (2MB pdf)
Collated 10YP Funding Requests - Hearings Document (6.1MB pdf)
Handout - Bainesse Rangiotu Community Committee submission (647KB pdf)
Handout - Halcombe Community Development Group submission (697KB pdf)
Handout - Kiwitea Community Committee (812KB pdf)
Handout - Pohangina Valley Community Committee submission (734KB pdf)
Late - Funding Submitter 016 - Apiti Community Committee (677KB pdf)
Presentation 1 - Tangimoana Community Committee (2.1MB pdf)
Presentation 2 - Feilding Civic Centre Trust (273KB pdf)
Presentation 3 - Rangiwahia Environmental Arts Centre Trust (5.9MB pdf)
Minutes (204KB pdf)
03 September 2020:Agenda (7.1MB pdf)Minutes (178KB pdf)
20 August 2020:Agenda (3.8MB pdf)
Appendix Item 11.1 Draft Cemeteries Management Strategy (14.1MB pdf)
Appendix Item 11.2 Submissions Draft Stock Movement and Grazing Bylaw (15.6MB pdf)
Presentation - Stock Movement and Grazing Bylaw Deliberations (441KB pdf)
Minutes (252KB pdf)
06 August 2020:Agenda (2.3MB pdf)
Appendices Item 11.1 Draft Reserve Management Plan Deliberations (57.6MB pdf)
Appendices Item 11.2 Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy Deliberations (27.8MB pdf)
Presentation from Rural Connectivity Group - Manawatu Update (3.2MB pdf)
Minutes (194KB pdf)
30 July 2020:Agenda (18.2MB pdf)Minutes (226KB pdf)
23 July 2020:Agenda (10.1MB pdf)
Presentation - Te Awa Community Foundation (2.4MB pdf)
Rule Change Proposal from LGNZ for AGM (173KB pdf)
Minutes (215KB pdf)
02 July 2020:Agenda (13.9MB pdf)
Presentation Item 11.1 Quarterly Economic Update (3MB pdf)
Minutes (91KB pdf)
18 June 2020:Agenda (4.2MB pdf)
Annex A - Draft Reserve Management Plans Schedule of Submitters and Submissions (11.2MB pdf)
Annex A - Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy Schedule of Submitters and Submissions (1.4MB pdf)
Annex B and C - Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy (25.4MB pdf)
Annexes B to G - Draft Reserve Management Plan (49.7MB pdf)
Minutes (216KB pdf)
04 June 2020:Agenda (2.2MB pdf)
Item 7.1 Presentation Ten Year Plan 2021-31 Pre Engagement Update (2.1MB pdf)
Item 7.2 Presentation LGA Changes for CCOs (2.1MB pdf)
Minutes (215KB pdf)
21 May 2020:Agenda (23.1MB pdf)
Appendix Item 11.5 Annex D - Informal Feedback (7.9MB pdf)
Appendix Item 11.5 Annex E - Submissions on Bylaw Review (13.5MB pdf)
Presentation item 11.5 - Outline of Bylaws Deliberations Report (338KB pdf)
Minutes (114KB pdf)
07 May 2020:Agenda (9.8MB pdf)
Annex A - Submissions on Bylaw Review (12.1MB pdf)
Minutes (313KB pdf)
23 April 2020:Agenda (3.7MB pdf)
Addendum to Item 11.4 Manawatu District Council Fees and Charges 2020-21 (564KB pdf)
Letter from Halcombe Community Development Group re Zero Rates Increase (83KB pdf)
Presentation - Community Development Strategy (725KB pdf)
Minutes (140KB pdf)
16 April 2020:Agenda (2.3MB pdf)Minutes (75KB pdf)
19 March 2020:Agenda (6.9MB pdf)Minutes (100KB pdf)
05 March 2020:Agenda (17MB pdf)
Item 11.2 ATT Draft Reserve Management Plans (49.8MB pdf)
Item 11.5 ATT3 MCT 2019 unmodified audit opinion (470KB pdf)
Item 11.6 ATT Statement of Proposal and Draft Bylaws (51.8MB pdf)
Item 11.7 ATT SO S542817 Title and Scheme Plan (2.1MB pdf)
Minutes (99KB pdf)
20 February 2020:Agenda (18.3MB pdf)
Attachment 1 Item 11.3 PC51 Operative Version (15.7MB pdf)
Attachment 2 Item 11.3 PC64 Operative Version (2.3MB pdf)
Minutes (98KB pdf)
04 February 2020:Agenda (2.3MB pdf)
Tabled Item re Library Annual Plan decision (85KB pdf)
Minutes (91KB pdf)
19 December 2019:Agenda (9.4MB pdf)
ATT1 PC65 Section 32 Report (1.5MB pdf)
ATT2 PC65 Section 32 Report - Appendix 1 - New NFL Chapter with Appendices (3.5MB pdf)
ATT3 PC65 Section 32 Report - Appendix 2 - Amended Chapter 3A Network Utilities and 3D Earthworks (1.1MB pdf)
ATT4 PC65 Section 32 Report - Appendix 3 - Planning Maps (12.7MB pdf)
ATT5 PC65 Section 32 Report - Appendix 4 - Consequential Changes- Notification (1MB pdf)
ATT6 PC65 Section 32 Report - Appendix 5 - Manawatu District Landscape Assessment (65.7MB pdf)
ATT7 PC65 Section 32 Report - Appendix 6 - Consultation Record (467KB pdf)
ATT8 PC65 Section 32 Report - Appendix 7 - Iwi Consultation Record (916KB pdf)
Minutes (130KB pdf)
05 December 2019:Agenda (14.3MB pdf)Minutes (89KB pdf)
21 November 2019:Agenda (3.4MB pdf)
Addendum to Item 11.1 Annual Plan 2020 21 Requests (10.7MB pdf)
Presentation Environmental Network Manawatu (1.5MB pdf)
Presentation Feilding Community Committee (382KB pdf)
Presentation Halcombe Community Committee (3.4MB pdf)
Presentation Kiwitea Community Committee (3.4MB pdf)
Presentation Pohangina Community Committee (1.9MB pdf)
Presentation Rangiwahia Community Committee (759KB pdf)
Presentation Sport Manawatu (728KB pdf)
Presentation William Cotton and Sons (1.9MB pdf)
Minutes (129KB pdf)
14 November 2019:Agenda (498KB pdf)Minutes (65KB pdf)
31 October 2019:Agenda (2.2MB pdf)Minutes (3.5MB pdf)
10 October 2019:Agenda (5.7MB pdf)
Addendum to Item 9.1 Annual Report 2018-19 (11.9MB pdf)
Late Items of Business - Recommendations from Community Funding Committee (234KB pdf)
Minutes (1MB pdf)
19 September 2019:Agenda (20.2MB pdf)
Addendum to Item 11.1 MDC Annual Report 2018-19 (13.6MB pdf)
Minutes (984KB pdf)
22 August 2019:Agenda (5.3MB pdf)
Addendum to Item 11.2 Community Development Strategy Deliberations (124KB pdf)
Public Forum - William Wood Rangitikei Youth Charter (190KB pdf)
Submissions on Draft Community Development Strategy (14.8MB pdf)
Minutes (951KB pdf)
25 July 2019:Agenda (2.3MB pdf)
Presentation 1 - MDC Resurfacing Process (4.6MB pdf)
Presentation 2 - Roading Programme (1.2MB pdf)
Minutes (958KB pdf)
20 June 2019:Agenda (21.4MB pdf)Minutes (886KB pdf)
23 May 2019:Agenda (3.9MB pdf)Minutes (103KB pdf)
18 April 2019:Agenda (6.5MB pdf)Minutes (102KB pdf)
04 April 2019:Agenda (147KB pdf)Minutes (72KB pdf)
21 March 2019:Agenda (10.1MB pdf)Minutes (180KB pdf)
21 February 2019:Agenda (6MB pdf)Minutes (117KB pdf)
20 December 2018:Agenda (6.3MB pdf)Minutes (118KB pdf)
06 December 2018:Agenda (573KB pdf)Minutes (76KB pdf)
22 November 2018:Agenda (14.6MB pdf)Minutes (168KB pdf)
18 October 2018:Agenda (2.8MB pdf)Minutes (102KB pdf)
04 October 2018:Agenda (936KB pdf)Minutes (108KB pdf)
20 September 2018:Agenda (7.6MB pdf)Minutes (159KB pdf)
23 August 2018:Agenda (4.3MB pdf)Minutes (117KB pdf)
26 July 2018:Agenda (19.2MB pdf)Minutes (137KB pdf)
28 June 2018:Agenda (1.1MB pdf)Minutes (133KB pdf)
21 June 2018:Agenda (1.3MB pdf)Minutes (94KB pdf)
31 May 2018:Agenda (5.7MB pdf)Minutes (120KB pdf)
24 May 2018:Agenda (3.1MB pdf)Minutes (225KB pdf)
14 May 2018:Agenda (322KB pdf)Minutes (336KB pdf)
26 April 2018:Agenda (11.2MB pdf)Minutes (129KB pdf)
29 March 2018:Agenda (265KB pdf)Minutes (83KB pdf)
22 March 2018:Agenda (4.4MB pdf)Minutes (146KB pdf)
22 February 2018:Agenda (5.2MB pdf)Minutes (128KB pdf)
21 December 2017:Agenda (150KB pdf)Minutes (79KB pdf)
14 December 2017:Agenda (6.8MB pdf)Minutes (149KB pdf)
15 November 2017:Agenda (14.6MB pdf)Minutes (116KB pdf)
02 November 2017:Agenda (298KB pdf)Minutes (61KB pdf)
19 October 2017:Agenda (1.4MB pdf)Minutes (109KB pdf)
21 September 2017:Agenda (11MB pdf)Minutes (119KB pdf)
17 August 2017:Agenda (3.8MB pdf)Minutes (136KB pdf)
20 July 2017:Agenda (3.7MB pdf)Minutes (120KB pdf)
22 June 2017:Agenda (5.7MB pdf)Minutes (188KB pdf)
01 June 2017:Agenda (1.3MB pdf)Minutes (70KB pdf)
25 May 2017:Agenda (5.7MB pdf)Minutes (116KB pdf)
18 May 2017:Agenda (346KB pdf)Minutes (337KB pdf)
10 May 2017:Agenda (224KB pdf)Minutes (301KB pdf)
20 April 2017:Agenda (2.6MB pdf)Minutes (102KB pdf)
22 March 2017:Agenda (1.1MB pdf)Minutes (114KB pdf)
15 March 2017:Agenda (6.4MB pdf)Minutes (110KB pdf)
16 February 2017:Agenda (1.9MB pdf)Minutes (73KB pdf)
15 December 2016:Agenda (2.8MB pdf)Minutes (102KB pdf)
16 November 2016:Agenda (2.8MB pdf)Minutes (125KB pdf)
03 November 2016:Agenda (157KB pdf)Minutes (415KB pdf)
25 October 2016:Agenda (562KB pdf)Minutes (158KB pdf)

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