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Systems for Public Access

Contacting the Council and Elected Members

Contact information for the Council, the Mayor and Councillors can be found on the Contact Us page of this website.

Public Attendance at meetings

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the Council and its Committees as observers. You will, however, be asked to leave the meeting should a resolution to exclude the public be passed.

Public Forum, Deputations and Petitions

At the beginning of each Council meeting, a period of time is set aside for the purpose of public input, where members of the public are able to bring matters to the attention of the Council. Requests to participate in the public forum need to be made to the meeting secretary at least one clear day prior to the meeting. Speakers can speak for up to five minutes. No more than two speakers can speak on behalf of an organisation during public forum.

Members of the public are also able to attend a meeting as a deputation to present on a matter or matters covered by the meeting's terms of reference. Deputations need to be approved by the Chairperson, so requests to attend as a deputation need to be made well in advance of the meeting.

Petitions can also be presented to the Council or any of its committees. The presenter of the petition may speak for up to 5 minutes about the petition, unless the meeting resolves otherwise.  Petitions must be received by the Chief Executive at least five working days prior to the date of the meeting at which they will be presented.

For any members of the public considering participating in public forum, making a deputation or presenting a petition, please read the full requirements that are contained within the Council's Standing Orders.