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District Plan Review Draft Proposals - Rural, Residential and Village Areas

Rural image

We need to make some decisions about the future zoning of land in the Manawatū and we need your help.

Our focus is on residential, village, rural lifestyle and rural areas. We have included some questions after each section that you may find useful for giving feedback.

We invite your comments on future zoning by 8 July 2020. Follow the pictures at the bottom of this page to find the feedback form.

What is this about?

This is about the District Plan. That's the plan that says what activity and development can happen on land. The District Plan does this by categorising land into different zones. It then sets standards for subdivision, buildings, activities, noise, etc.

We are currently reviewing parts of the Manawatū District Plan relating to the Residential, Village and Rural Zones.

This is an early opportunity for you to be involved in shaping the district. There will be additional opportunities over the next year.

Why things need to change

Our current District Plan was originally adopted in 2002 and reflected the community aspirations and concerns of that time. We now need to look forward for the next 10-15 years and develop a new plan to guide and direct development.

A good District Plan reflects the community vision, includes a framework for growth and can unlock economic potential of a district.

There are three big ideas that are shaping this work:

  1. A growing, diversifying population with different housing needs
  2. Looking after the versatile soils which underpin the Manawatū economy
  3. The need for resilience in the face of a changing environment

A growing, diversifying population with different housing needs.

The Manawatū is experiencing significant population growth and this growth is forecast to continue into the future. We need to plan for new housing, and ensure this is aligned with infrastructure services & funding.

We are looking at focusing housing growth and choices around existing communities, and where infrastructure is available (or planned).

Looking after the versatile soils which underpin the Manawatū economy.

Primary production underpins the Manawatū economy, and our versatile soils are the basis for this success. That said, almost half of new housing in the last 5 years is located in rural areas; slowly reducing the productive landbank.

We are looking at offering rural lifestyle housing around existing small towns and Feilding. Limits would be placed on the ability to subdivide for lifestyle housing across the wider productive rural area.

Resilience in the face of a changing environment

Like all of New Zealand, the Manawatū is subject to natural hazards and we are learning more about these hazards all the time. Whether it is flooding, earthquake risk, sea level rise, or tsunami risk, the District Plan development standards must factor in hazards to minimise risk to people and property.

We are looking at reducing the risk of hazards – for example updating the zoning to align with known hazards.

The changes we're considering

Our updated District Plan must be prepared in accordance with the new National Planning Standards and other policy direction from national and regional government. This will direct some of the changes going forward.

For example, the National Planning Standards state we can no longer use the title of 'Village Zone' that is currently used in the District Plan now. Instead, the Council is required to use one of the zone names listed in the National Planning Standards.

We have looked at different zoning for our rural, residential, and village areas and these have been mapped to help understand what the changes could look like.

The National Planning Standards provide definitions for each of the zones.

Click here to explore the interactive maps on the StoryMaps page! Please note that this link needs to be opened in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

You can also check out the proposed zoning maps by clicking on the location tiles below, and downloading the fact sheet.

Where’s the extra details?

At this point we’re seeking comments on the general zoning direction for each of our towns and the wider rural environment. We have not drafted new chapters yet – we want to hear from you first.

How do I let you know what I think?

Click on the pictures below for areas where you want to provide comments on. Each page will provide you with a relevant fact sheet, and feedback forms.

Do you agree with the zoning ideas? Has Council missed some important information? Please let us know!