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Plan Change 65 - Outstanding Natural Features & Landscapes

Council is proposing a plan change to protect Manawatū’s Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes (ONFLs) and Significant Amenity Features (SAFs) from inappropriate subdivision, use, and development. 

What’s being proposed?

Proposed PC65 recommends a number of amendments to the Manawatū District Plan:

1. Recognition and protection of 2 Natural Landscapes, 13 Natural Features and 3 Significant Amenity Features.

2. A new Natural Features and Landscapes Chapter, including appendices outlining the spatial extent and values and characteristics of each area. The new chapter aims to protect ONFLs and manage SAFs by:

  • Allowing planting and restoration of areas, pest and weed control, fencing, indigenous vegetation clearance for specific purposes, maintaining existing lawfully established structures and walkways, buildings under 50m2 at Totara Reserve, and the continuation of stock grazing within the Rangitikei River Outstanding Natural Feature and Significant Amenity Features.
  • Enabling development consistent with the Reserve Act or relevant Management Plan is a Restricted Discretionary Activity. This recognises that some areas, such as the Totara Reserve, have planned development that maybe consistent with the value and use of the area.
  • Making subdivision, buildings, stock grazing, horticulture and cropping in Outstanding Natural Features a Discretionary Activity.
  • Making subdivision, buildings, stock grazing, horticulture and cropping, new plantation forestry in Outstanding Natural Landscapes and activities not otherwise provided for a Non-Complying Activity.

Why are we protecting these areas?

Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes have a special status under NZ’s planning law (RMA s6). As part of the Manawatū District Plan Review we are required to identify and protect these areas.

Where do I find the Plan Change documents?

The full Plan Change 65 provisions and section 32 report can be found below:

A full record of documents and key dates related to Plan Change 65 are provided on the Plan Change page here:  

How do I make a Submission?

We welcome your comments on this plan change.  A hard copy submission form can be downloaded via the link below and emailed to, or you can add your comments to the online submission form at the bottom of this page.

Form 5 Submission on a Publicly Notified Plan Change (360KB pdf)

The submission closing date for the proposed plan change is 6 March 2020, 5pm.

Interactive StoryMaps

Click the link below to access an interactive StoryMaps program that details the individual features of each ONFL:

Proposed Plan Change 65 - ONFL StoryMap

This feature allows you to explore the proposed plan change using an interactive page. StoryMaps works on the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Online Submission Form


Submitter details

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Are you directly affected by an effect of the subject matter of the submission that: (a) Adversely affects the environment; and (b) Does not relate to trade competition or the effect of trade competition? * (required)

Submission details

Submission at the Hearing

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Important Information

1. The Council must receive this submission before the closing date and time for submissions on this Plan Change or Variation.

2. Please note that submissions are public. Your name and submission will be included in papers that are available to the media and the public. Your submission will only be used for the purpose of the Plan Change or Variation process.

3. Only those submitters who indicate they wish to speak at the hearing will be sent a copy of the planning report.