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Consultation on Draft Animal Bylaw 2019

The purpose of this bylaw is to ensure that the keeping of animals within the Manawatū District does not create a nuisance or endanger public health and safety. If a nuisance does arise, this bylaw gives Council appropriate regulatory powers to take action to remove the nuisance. This bylaw also regulates the slaughtering of stock and poultry.

This bylaw does not apply to zoos or dogs. The keeping of dogs is covered by the Dog Control Bylaw 2014.

Relevant documents

Bylaw and Policy Review 2019 - Statement of Proposal (1MB pdf)

Draft Animal Bylaw - Clean Version (472KB pdf)

Draft Animal Bylaw - Tracked Changes (511KB pdf)

Table of all Proposed Changes to the Animal Bylaw (251KB pdf)

Results of Pre-consultation on the Animal Bylaw (227KB pdf)

Make a submission on the Animal Bylaw 2019

Submissions closed at 5pm on the 5th of September 2019.

Key changes proposed to the bylaw through this review include:

  1. Changes to the information requirements for permits that enable Council to require applicants to consult more broadly than just with their immediately adjoining neighbours.
  2. Changes to the permit application process, including:
    1. giving Council the ability to request further information;
    2. giving Council Officers the ability to approve or refuse a permit application; and
    3. giving powers to enforcement offices to issue a notice to revoke or amend a permit if the permit holder fails to comply with one or more conditions of their permit.
  3. Simplification of the requirements for poultry houses, including setback distances.
  4. Limits to the numbers of cats are proposed to exclude kittens under the age of three months, not six months.
  5. Relocation and amendment of clauses relating to the slaughter of poultry or stock. Amendments include:
    1. Changes to the screening requirements for slaughtering and processing sites located in an urban area, including requiring that the screening prevent any person from seeing the site.
  6. Inserting new clauses that relate to responsibilities for stray animals, including:
    1. A expectation that people will not fee, house or otherwise take care of stray animals;
    2. Making those providing care for stray animals the “keeper” of that animal, and therefore responsible for it;
    3. Requiring any person keeping a stray animal responsible for complying with all other aspcts of the bylaw;
    4. Powers to Enforcement Officers to issue a notice to someone keeping a stray animal that requires them to mitigate or abate any non-compliance; and
    5. Timeframes for compliance with any notice issued by an enforcement officer.