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Consultation on Draft Dog Control Policy 2019

The purpose of the Dog Control Policy 2019 is to outline how Council will administer the requirements of the Act, and to facilitate good dog behaviour and good dog ownership, including annual registration.

The Dog Control Act 1996 requires this policy to be made having regard to:

  1. The need to minimise danger, distress, or nuisance to the community;
  2. The need to avoid the inherent danger in allowing dogs to have uncontrolled access to public places that are frequented by children, whether or not the children are accompanied by adults;
  3. The importance of enabling, as far as practicable, the public (including families) to use streets and public amenities without fear of attack or intimidation by dogs; and
  4. The exercise and recreational needs of dogs and their Owners.

Relevant documents

Bylaw and Policy Review 2019 - Statement of Proposal (1MB pdf)

Draft Dog Control Policy - Clean Version (1MB pdf)

Draft Dog Control Policy - Tracked Changes (1MB pdf)

Table of all Proposed Changes to the Dog Control Policy (274KB pdf)

Make a submission on the Dog Control Policy 2019

Submissions closed at 5pm on the 5th of September 2019.

Dog Control Map

The below map shows current dog excercise areas, on-leash areas, prohibited publics places and new or changing areas where dogs are allowed. This map can be viewed in conjunction with change 10 in the below key changes proposed to the bylaw.

Key changes proposed to the policy through this review include:

  1. Insertion of a new term “Authorised Officer” that replaces “Council Officer.”
  2. Insertion of an “Interpretation and Definitions” section to the Policy that includes definitions of key terms within the Policy, consistent with those contained in the Draft Dog Control Bylaw 2019.
  3. Relocation of the fees section of the policy to sit under the section on implementation and new clauses that acknowledge the discounted registration fees applicable to selected dog owners, owners of neutered dogs, owners of working dogs and owners that hold a gold card.
  4. Deletion of reference to “their owners” in the clauses within section 10 (dog exercise areas) which relate to the need for dogs to be under control.
  5. Insertion of a new section within the policy that relates to areas classified under other legislation, such as the Conservation Act 1987, the National Parks Act 1980 or the Te Urewera Act 2014.
  6. Replacement of the clauses relating to the management of barking dog complaints with new clauses that describe what constitutes “nuisance barking” and what constitutes “reasonable grounds” for authorised officers to investigate a barking dog complaint.
  7. Deletion of sections that duplicate the Dog Control Act 1996 requirements in relation to dangerous and menacing dogs.
  8. Amendments to the clauses that relate to the neutering of dogs, particularly in relation to the process and documentation requirement if the neutering of a menacing or dangerous dogs is to be delayed due to the health of the dog concerned.
  9. Removal of the clause that lists those matters that council officers may take into account in exercising discretion over whether to issue an infringement notice for the failure to register a dog.
  10. Amendments to Schedules 1 to 3 (Prohibited Public Places, Dog Exercise Areas and Dog on Leash Areas) for consistency with the revised schedules contained within the Draft Dog Control Bylaw 2019.