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Consultation on Draft Solid Waste Bylaw 2019

The purpose of this bylaw is to:

  • Promote and deliver effective and efficient waste management and minimisation in the District, as required under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008;
  • Assist in implementing the Council’s Waste Management and Minimisation Plan;
  • Promote the purpose of the Act and the goals of the New Zealand Waste Strategy;
  • Regulate the collection, storage, management, transportation and depositing of waste (including recyclable material) from public places or by persons licensed by the Council;
  • Protect the health and safety of commercial waste operators, resource recovery centre (RRC) operators and the public; and
  • Manage nuisance and litter in public places.

Relevant documents

Bylaw and Policy Review 2019 - Statement of Proposal (1MB pdf)

Draft Solid Waste Bylaw - Clean Version (428KB pdf)

Draft Solid Waste Bylaw - Tracked Changes (447KB pdf)

Table of all Proposed Changes to the Solid Waste Bylaw (225KB pdf)

Make a submission on the Solid Waste Bylaw 2019

Submissions closed at 5pm on the 5th of September 2019.

Key changes proposed to the bylaw through this review include:

  1. Replacement of references to the “disposal” of waste with the “depositing” of waste.
  2. Replacement of “Waste Collectors” with “Commercial Waste Operators” and “Waste Operators” with “Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) Operators.”
  3. Broadening the scope of Resource Recovery Centres (RRCs) to also include receiving, collecting, sorting, storing and processing of recyclable materials, including at a mobile recycling centre.
  4. Amendments to the list of terms and conditions which all persons must comply with, including:
    • Deletion of reference to materials for use as fill at a cleanfill site;
    • Addition of the correct treatment of recyclable material, including cleaning and the removal of lids from containers;
    • Addition of the right for Council to retrieve a Council-owned approved container from a premises; and
    • Replacement of “any other matters Council considers appropriate” with “terms or conditions which may be required for the safe storage, collection and depositing of waste and recyclable materials.”
  5. New clauses relating to the use of approved containers, including the process that Council will follow for non-compliances in the separation and deposition of waste and recyclables into the correct approved containers.
  6. Addition of “owners” to section 9 which relates to responsibilities on the occupiers and managers of any premises
  7. Changes to the licensing provisions within the bylaw to require the owners of donated goods containers to obtain a licence from Council prior to operating within the District.
  8. Removal of the requirement that waste operators operating a landfill site, cleanfill site or managed fill site to obtain a licence from Council to operate.
  9. Amendments to the licence application provisions including:
    • A new requirement that the holder of an existing licence apply for a renewal of that licence at least two months before it expires; and
    • The ability for the manager at Council to suspend a licence if the holder fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions of that licence.
  10. Insertion of new matters that must be included in the litter and recycling plan, including:
    • An estimate of the types and amounts of waste to be generated by the event;
    • How waste generated at the event will be minimised;
    • How the collection and use of recyclable materials and reusable material will be maximised; and
    • The requirement to provide details or commercial waste operators responsible for the transportation and depositing of waste and recyclable materials as well as the collection of them.
    • A requirement that a report be submitted to Council within 20 working days following the event that details how the approved litter and recycling plan was implemented, including a waste summary.
  11. Insertion of explanatory notes within the nuisances section of the bylaw that detail how responsibilities for managing nuisance effects from the storage or burning of waste and the burying of waste or recyclable material on land are divided.
  12. Inclusion of additional matters in relation to the depositing of waste and recyclable materials in litter receptacles including:
    • Depositing prohibited or special waste;
    • Interference of waste or recyclable material in a litter receptacle; and
    • Fixing or attaching any flag, banner, bunting, balloon, sign, poster, leaflet or similar thing to any litter receptacle in a public place.