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Consultation on Draft Water Supply Bylaw 2019

The purpose of this bylaw is to:

  1. Ensure a safe and efficient public water supply;
  2. To manage and regulate the Council’s water supply; and
  3. To protect public water supply infrastructure from damage, misuse and interference and the health and safety of people using the water supply network.

The bylaw regulates the supply of water, customer obligations, points of supply, meters and flow restrictors, fire protection, protection of the water supply network and offences.

Relevant documents

Bylaw and Policy Review 2019 - Statement of Proposal (1MB pdf)

Draft Water Supply Bylaw - Clean Version (682KB pdf)

Draft Water Supply Bylaw - Tracked Changes (766KB pdf)

Table of all Proposed Changes to the Water Supply Bylaw (283KB pdf)

Make a submission on the Water Supply Bylaw 2019

Submissions closed at 5pm on the 5th of September 2019.

Key changes proposed to the bylaw through this review include:

  1. Updates to references, including:
    • Replacement of “Fire Service Act 1975” with “Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017”
    • Updating the reference for the Fire Fighting Water Supplies Code of Practice from the 2003 version to the 2008 version
    • Replacing the “Manawatu District Council’s standard specifications for laying of watermains and service pipes” with the “Manawatu District Council’s Engineering Standards for Land Development”
  2. Amendments to the purpose of the bylaw to also include “damage, misuse and interference and the health and safety of people using the water supply network.”
  3. Insertion of a definition of “Approved Licenced Contractor” and changes to clauses in the bylaw to require any work on the water supply bylaw to be done by an approved licenced contractor.
  4. Replacement of the terms “Restricted Supply or Rural Scheme” with “Rural Supply”
  5. Amendments to the “Entitlement to Supply” section of the bylaw, including reference to the need for Council approval of any connection to the water supply network (clause 7.1(a)).
  6. Change in the lapse period, that applies to approvals for a water supply connection that have not been actioned, from 3 months of the date of approval to six months.


    Insertion of an explanatory note that states that “For subdivisions, Council may grant an extension to the lapse date if the new Certificate of Title has not yet been granted.”
  7. Deletion of those sections of the bylaw that relate to backflow prevention, except for a new clause that requires the owner or manager of a premises to notify Council in writing of any change in the use of commercial or industrial premises that may have an effect on any backflow prevention device required.
  8. Changes to those clauses that specify the notice periods that Council must give customers before entering a premises. The changes include:
    • A new clause requiring that when Council or an authorised agent is undertaking work outside of standard operating hours they must give written notice to the customer 48 hours prior to entry; and
    • A clause that specifies that Council will make every reasonable effort to notify potentially affected customers prior to a scheduled maintenance shutdown (except when not practical).
  9. Relocation of all clauses that relate to fees and charges to a new “Fees and Charges” section of the bylaw.
  10. Replacement of those clauses that describe the testing methodology for meters and flow restrictors with reference to the Water New Zealand Good Practice Guide “Water Metering of Customers on Reticulated Supplies.”
  11. Changes to the “Adjustments and Estimations” section of the bylaw including:
    • Deletion of clause 29.2 (clause 29.1 in the 2015 Bylaw) that is concerned with adjustments to water meter payments.
    • Insertion of a new clause 29.1 within the that refers to Council’s Rates Remission and Postponement Policy.
  12. Amendments to the “Supply of Water – Fire Fighting” section of the bylaw.
  13. Re-structuring and re-ordering of clauses relating to entry to catchment areas.
  14. Amendments to new clause 32.6 (clause 35.2 in the 2015 Bylaw) to require a person to advise Council immediately of any chemical or hazardous substance spilled on land or in the water in any catchment area.
  15. Amendments to clause 33.2 (clause 33.3 in the 2015 Bylaw) to require any person in a controlled or restricted catchment area or land held by the Council as a water reserve to produce, on demand by a council officer or authorised agent, a copy of their permit.
  16. Insertion of a clause that requires compliance with any terms or conditions imposed on a permit to enter a controlled or restricted catchment area.
  17. Relocation of clause 17.2 from the 2015 Bylaw to the “Offences and Breaches” section and amendments to this section, including:
    • Replacing reference to “disconnected” with “restricted,” given Council’s duty to provide an adequate supply of drinking water.
    • Deleting those matters that would be grounds for prosecution rather than just flow restriction
    • Insertion of a new sub-clause that relates to non-compliance with a notice issued under clause 17.5 (in relation to pipes or fittings on the customers side of the point of supply which causes water to be wasted).