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Community Facilities Strategy


What is this about?

Council is taking some time to step back and think about how we will manage Community Facilities in the Manawatū District. This includes the following Community Facilities:

  • Recreation Complexes
  • Libraries
  • Arts and Cultural Facilities
  • Community Halls  
  • Social Service Facilities
  • Public Conveniences

The Draft Community Facilities Strategy seeks to provide a vision for the future of our community facilities and a roadmap on how we can get there.

Click here to read more about the current state of our Community Facilities and the challenges MDC is facing.

Where can I read the Draft Community Facilities Strategy?

The Community Facilities Strategy consists of the Strategic Framework and six Sub-Plans. Click the name of the plan to start download:

1. Draft Strategic Framework (23MB pdf)

2. Draft Recreation Complexes Sub-Plan (10MB pdf)

3. Draft Libraries Sub-Plan (8MB pdf)

4. Draft Arts and Cultural Facilities Sub-Plan (12MB pdf)

5. Draft Community Halls Sub-Plan (7MB pdf)

6. Draft Social Service Facilities Sub-Plan (10MB pdf)

7. Draft Public Conveniences Sub-Plan (10MB pdf)

How can you help?

We would like to hear your thoughts on the draft strategy.

Submissions closed 5pm, Friday 23rd October 2020.

Council adopted the Community Facilities Strategy in February 2021.