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Solid Waste Bylaw

The purpose is to:

  • Promote and deliver effective and efficient waste management and minimisation in the District.
  • Assist in implementing the Council's Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.
  • Regulate the collection, storage, management and disposal of waste (including recyclable material from public places or by persons licensed by the Council.
  • Protect the health and safety of waste collectors, waste operators and the public
  • Manage nuisance and litter in public places

What are the perceived problems in our district?

  • Limited compliance with Council signage in rural rubbish collection sites.
  • Risk of physical harm to waste collectors and the public from unsafe and prohibited waste.
  • Non-compliance with Council list of permitted recyclables and advertised guidelines.
  • Fly-tipping at donated goods container locations.
  • No sharing of waste volumes from non-Council funded waste collectors leading to incomplete analysis of the total district waste volumes.
  • No agreed minimum standards for kerbside collection by non-Council funded waste collectors
  • Limited opportunities and promotion for event organisers to recycle.

The proposed Bylaw provisions are to…

  • Control and ensure compliance with the refuse and recyclable collection process and donated goods containers.
  • Minimise harm when collecting waste
  • Promote recycling at public events

For the full wording of the proposed Solid Waste Bylaw 2015 click here (626KB pdf).

Feedback closed on 30 October 2015