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Water Supply Bylaw

The purpose is to:

  • ensure a safe and efficient public water supply
  • manage and regulate the Council’s water supply
  • protect public water supply

What are the perceived problems in our district?

  • Contamination of drinking water supplies (e.g. from poorly constructed connections to mains, backflow of contaminants into mains from private networks, damage to mains and connections) potentially resulting in sickness or deaths within the communities served.
  • Loss of water or service pressures to other customers (damage to mains and connections by other service suppliers, uncontrolled removal of bulk water from hydrants, removal of restrictors where fitted on unmetered supplies).
  • Uncontrolled high water usage such that Council exceeds permitted water take resulting in fines for consent breaches from Regional Council or damage to aquifers.
  • Consumers on limited or restricted supplies running out of water.
  • Damage to reticulated services from contractors excavating or drilling in close proximity to services.

The proposed Bylaw provisions are to…

  • Control and protect water supplies from contamination
  • Monitor all water supply and storage facilities to prevent unauthorised access
  • Control and maintain adequate supply pressures to prevent backflow and require backflow protection on all new connections
  • Control and monitor water supply usage for limited supplies and enforce against unauthorised usage.

For the full wording of the proposed Water Supply Bylaw 2015 click here (535KB pdf).

Feedback closed on 30 October 2015