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Ongoing commitments and projects

Council has hundreds of projects to which it is committed, here are some key projects that will be carried out in the next few years.

We’re not seeking your opinions on these projects as these have all been through consultative processes or are the result of decisions made by Council.

We’ve included them here as we want you to understand that we’ve not lost sight of previous promises.

Growing our District

Council is committed to growing the District and the wider region. Together with eight neighbouring councils we are aiming to double exports by 2025 through the Central New Zealand Agribusiness Strategy and the Regional Growth Study. We will implement Manawatu District Council’s Economic Development Strategy and continue to support transformative projects like FoodHQ. Alongside this, we are proposing to reform the delivery of economic development, tourism and District promotion services as outlined in Key Issue One. Together our endeavours will help us grow and attract business, help retain talented people and secure investment – all of which will help contribute to our District’s vibrant economy and the social well-being of residents.

Feilding Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Feilding Wastewater Treatment Plant treats approximately 7,000 m3 (7 million litres) of wastewater per day. The treatment plant is in the final stages of a significant upgrade programme to improve the quality of the wastewater it discharges. Council is planning to irrigate treated wastewater to neighbouring Council-owned land during the dry summer months when the Oroua River is low. This will provide significant water quality benefits over the summer when the recreational value of the Oroua River is at its highest. To do this, we need to construct an irrigation system and a second effluent storage pond. We have budgeted $1 million in year one of the draft Long Term Plan and $2.8 million in the following year for the completion of these works. Council has also been working through a lengthy and complicated resource consenting process for the continued operation of the Feilding Wastewater Treatment Plant. This process includes an appeal to the Environment Court which will be heard in year one of the Long Term Plan.

Almadale Water Treatment Plant

Feilding’s reservoir at Almadale and the trunk main into town are nearing the end of their useful lives. In previous Long Term Plans we’ve committed funding for this work. We are proposing $2.2 million in year two of the 2015-25 Long Term Plan. We are investigating renewal and or replacement of these strategic assets and the agreed works will then be carried out.

Manawatu River Accord and Horizon’s One Plan

Manawatu District Council is a member of the Manawatu River Leaders’ Accord and as such we’re undertaking a number of projects to improve the quality of the Oroua River which is a tributary of the Manawatu River. These projects include:

  • Feilding Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade – continue with the upgrade of the plant and discharge of treated wastewater onto land in the summer months.
  • New facilities with sealed septic units are required at Bartletts Ford, Londons Ford and Tangimoana to meet the Council’s commitment to the One Plan.

Feilding to Palmerston North cycleway

This project has been in the planning for a number of years, and we anticipate work will begin in year three of the Long Term Plan at a cost of $1.2 million. The project will provide a commuting and recreational option for thousands of residents in both Feilding and Palmerston North.

Mangaweka Bridge

In a joint project with Rangitikei District Council, the Manawatu District Council is investigating the replacement or refurbishment of the Mangaweka Bridge over the Rangitikei River. This bridge is an important connector for our residents living in the north-west of the District and work should commence in year two of the Long Term Plan.

Feilding Cemetery extension

Due to increased demand for burial space Council will in year four of the Long Term Plan, increase the burial area at Feilding Cemetery at a cost of $164,000.

Feilding Central Business District Redevelopment

Redevelopment works will be carried out on:

  • Stafford Street ($111,000) in year one
  • Bowen Street ($151,000) in year three
  • Warwick Street ($128,000) in year four of the Long Term Plan.

Bunnythorpe Hall

Prior to the Boundary Change in 2012 when Bunnythorpe became part of Palmerston North, Council budgeted for a $240,000 grant for the Bunnythorpe Hall Committee. In accordance with the Boundary Change Agreement, that money will be transferred to the Committee when the project is ready to proceed.

Makino Aquatic Centre

The Makino Aquatic Centre is about to undergo a long-awaited $5.69 million upgrade. In 2012 Council, consulted with the community on the project and then again in 2014 when Council agreed to increase funding to $2.7 million. This year, following refinement of the project costs it became apparent that further funding is required, and Council will now commit $4.2 million to the project.

The remainder of funds are to be fundraised, at the time of writing $1.2 million has been raised. The redevelopment will see the indoor complex closed for 10 months from July 2015.

Feilding Integrated Health Centre

In 2011, the Council agreed to lend the Manawatu Community Trust up to $2.5 million towards the Feilding Integrated Family Health Centre. Half of any loan made was to be interest-free and the other half subject to normal market conditions. Council will carry forward some of this loan into the 2015/16 year.

Community Planning

During 2012-15, Council assisted rural villages to develop Community Plans. Implementation of these plans will continue over the coming years. $50,000 per annum has been committed for Community Plan projects in the Long Term Plan.