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Savings we have made

Councillors have an unenviable task of balancing the books. Sometimes that means having to say no or reduce budgets. Below are some of the savings we have made or projects we have not included.

Electronic Voting

Manawatu District Council was selected to participate in the Government’s online voting trial for the 2016 Local Government Elections. However, given the pressures on the Council’s budget, Councillors believe the $100,000 cost of participating in the trial is too high and have decided against participating in the trial. While online voting will no doubt be the way of the future, and Council is supportive of this trial, it does not believe the costs of the trial should fall on the residents of a rural district.

Operational cost savings

$154,000 worth of savings has been identified from operational overheads and administration costs.

Community Development Funding

As already mentioned in Key Issue Three we’re proposing to reduce the Community Development Funding budget by $73,000 to $150,000 per annum. If adopted, this will lead to a reduced level of funding and a more tightly targeted level of service. We need to hear your viewpoints on this proposal.