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Projects and ongoing commitments

Considering the trade-offs

We have some hard decisions to make, and balancing the budget sometimes requires us to say no. While we strive to make balanced affordable decisions that serve our community well, we remain open-minded about where to make further savings whilst maintaining good quality services.

Council has many projects in its Long Term Plan 2018–28. Some of these projects are new, some are existing projects that may include new elements and/or require additional investment.

Although many of these projects have already been through previous consultative processes, your feedback about these projects is still welcome. A table of current and new projects is available from page 17 in the Consultation Document (1003KB pdf).

New projects - These vitally important projects will enable Council to continue to provide essential community services.

  • Wastewater Centralisation Project
  • Turners Road Extension
  • Reserves Funds.

Ongoing projects - Many of these projects have featured in previous consultation exercises.

  • Feilding Water Strategy
  • Water Supply
  • Feilding Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)
  • Mangaweka Bridge
  • Resource Recovery Centre
  • District Plan Review
  • Growth Precinct 4 Pharazyn Street
  • Feilding Public Library Redevelopment
  • Kowhai Park
  • Johnston Park Redevelopment
  • Victoria Park Lighting and Drainage Upgrade
  • Timona Park
  • Duke Street Courts Resealing
  • Earthquake Strengthening Council Building
  • Feilding and Rongotea Cemetery Development
  • Rimu Park Exchange and Development
  • District-wide Halls Maintenance
  • Te Kawau Recreation Centre
  • Street Trees and Gardens
  • Community Development Funding
  • Economic Development Funding.

Projects we are proposing to leave out of the plan

In developing this Long Term Plan we have already made decisions that will reduce budgets, enabling Council to keep rates affordable and loans manageable.

We have decided to delay or cancel some projects from this ten-year period. These projects may be reconsidered in future plans. There are possibly some external funding sources available which if successful could enable some of the projects currently out of the plan to proceed. The full table of what we are leaving out is available from page 23 in the Consultation Document (1003KB pdf).

Disposal of assets

All of Council’s property assets are actively maintained and monitored through an Asset Management Plan. If a property is no longer fit for use, or surplus to requirements it is considered for disposal. Council is proposing to dispose of the following properties and buildings over the next ten years. The disposal of some of these properties will be subject to further consultation with tenants and other interested parties. The buildings will be demolished or removed, depending on the state of the building at the time.

  • 139 South Street (Previously used as Council’s Depot)
  • 145 South Street (Tennis Courts) (as per previous Council decision)
  • Kimbolton Depot
  • Regional Archives
  • Tangimoana Beach Motor Camp (buildings only)
  • Kawakawa Road and South Street land
  • Community House (building only)
  • Pohangina Road House (building only)
  • Pohangina Depot (building only)
  • Old Sanson Library (building only)
  • Red Cross House, Grey Street Feilding (building only)
  • Rimu Park (possible exchange for alternative land)
  • Caretaker’s House Kowhai Park (building only).

The following buildings will be demolished due to safety reasons:

  • Eyre Street Depot
  • Carnarvon School Building (former)
  • Clydesdale Hall.