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How the Council currently connects to the community

Community Planning Programme

One example of Council’s partnership with its communities is the Community Planning Programme in the Manawatu District. The Community Planning Programme supports communities to develop a shared vision for their village. It provides a mechanism for collaboration between communities, Council and other agencies to implement improvements.

The programme’s objectives are:

  • To set clear strategic direction for villages, reflecting each community’s unique characteristics;
  • To provide a pathway for village community’s vision and priorities to be reflected in Council’s and other agencies strategies and work plans;
  • To grow village community spirit, attract and retain residents;
  • To enable village residents to create the communities they want;
  • To further develop constructive working relationships between councillors, village residents, businesses and Council staff.

Community Committees

A Community Committee is an advisory body established in the community to assist the Council in its responsibilities to that community. They are an informal link between the Council and the community, whereby an exchange of information, opinions, proposals, recommendations and decisions can take place. Community Committees are empowered to present comprehensive submissions to Council’s Annual Plans and Long Term Plans. A Community Committee Project Fund exists to allow Community Committees to undertake small-scale, discrete projects within their communities that are not currently included in Council’s contracts or levels of service and can be aligned to existing Community Plans.

Community Consultation

Manawatu District Council also frequently consults with the community on a wide range of initiatives, strategies and plans. Consultation involves sharing with the community and interested parties the action that Council intends to take and calling for public feedback on the proposals. Feedback is typically sought through a number of avenues including public meetings, via the community committee meetings, meetings with business and community groups and through written and oral submissions to Council.

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Process for feedback

The feedback period has now ended.

Formal consultation with the community on Council’s initial proposal will take place from 2 August 2018 to 3 September 2018. Council will then consider any issues raised through submissions prior to deciding on its final representation proposal in October 2018.