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LGOIMA Requests

To ensure full transparency, we make publicly available any information requests we have received. When the requested information is provided the request is updated with the response.  In some cases where the information has not been made available, the decision to withhold has been in accordance with the Act to protect privacy.

Click the LG number in the left-hand column of the table below to view more details.


LG1927 01/07/2020Angela McIntyre ONFL Expenditure analysis In Progress 
LG1928 01/07/2020Angela McIntyreIndividualConsultation and process of Plan change 65 Outstanding Natural and Featured LandscapesIn Progress 
LG1926 22/06/2020Milton PedleyIndividualCorporate & Regulatory Org detailsCompleted23/06/2020
LG1925 20/06/2020Rupert de SmidtIndividualCouncillor salariesCompleted23/06/2020
LG1924 04/06/2020Tom KayRoyal Forest and Bird Protection SocietyNitrate-nitrogen levels in council water supplies.Completed02/07/2020
LG1923 24/05/2020Karen AndersonCanine ResearchComplaints of failing to provide proper care for dogsCompleted22/06/2020
LG1922 11/05/2020Leo BarnettIndividualInaugural Council MinutesCompleted15/05/2020
LG1921 28/04/2020Emma BevinIndividualGHD Billing re Consent NO. 129753Withdrawn29/04/2020
LG1918 21/04/2020Lynette EllisonRecycle Plastics NZIndustrial Plastic Waste to LandfillCompleted14/05/2020
LG1919 21/04/2020Lynette EllisonRecyclec Plastics NZHousehold Plastics to LandfillCompleted14/05/2020
LG1920 21/04/2020Lynette EllisonRecycled Plastics NZMotor vehicle tyres to LandfillCompleted14/05/2020
LG1917 20/04/2020Jordan WilliamsTaxpayers UnionPaycuts for staff, CE & CrsCompleted20/04/2020
LG1915 06/04/2020Dewi PreeceTVNZNoise Complaints during LockdownCompleted08/04/2020
LG1916 05/04/2020Bob OsborneResponsible Campers Association IncorporatedFreedopm Camping SurveyCompleted08/04/2020
LG1914 19/03/2020Mike EdmondsIndividualRating information databseCompleted20/03/2020
LG1913 12/03/2020Ella HardyLabour Leader's OfficeDistrict Valuation RollCompleted13/03/2020
LG1912 09/03/2020Jackson GrahamNew Zealand Taxpayers UnionCEO Personal Twitter accountCompleted09/03/2020
LG1911 04/03/2020Tara JacksonThe New Zealand Anti-Vivisection SocietyRehoming of dogs, specificallly to be used for research, testing or teachingCompleted05/03/2020
LG1909 18/02/2020Mark WasleyIndividualDelegations Manual & Project List sent to Cr HumphreyCompleted05/03/2020
LG1910 17/02/2020William McVittyIndividualRequest for confirmation of dogs owned by a tenantCompleted20/02/2020