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LGOIMA Requests

To ensure full transparency, we make publicly available any information requests we have received. When the requested information is provided the request is updated with the response.  In some cases where the information has not been made available, the decision to withhold has been in accordance with the Act to protect privacy.

Click the LG number in the left-hand column of the table below to view more details.


LG1961 26/11/2020Jimmy EllinghamFairfax MediaCorrespondence re hosting NZ Grand Prix at Manfeild 2021.In Progress 
LG1960 25/11/2020Steve CrossIndividualCoastal inundation on LIMsIn Progress 
LG1959 23/11/2020Karen AndersonCanine ResearchDog Control policy, fees,In Progress02/12/2020
LG1958 22/11/2020Jimmy EllinghamManawatu Standard - StuffCorrespondence regard Turbos rugby matchesIn Progress 
LG1957 19/11/2020Suzanne Wood Request for property file informationIn Progress 
LG1956 07/11/2020Shane McDonaldIndividualVolumes of kerbside collecctionsIn Progress 
LG1955 06/11/2020Caroline SmithIndividualCost of legal adviceCompleted30/11/2020
LG1954 04/11/2020Mark HodsonIndividualCopy of GNS reportCompleted05/11/2020
LG1951 12/10/2020Nikki PrestonNZ HeraldFormal complaints on Elected MembersCompleted14/10/2020
LG1952 12/10/2020Nikki PrestonNZ HeraldMayoral spending since 2019 electionCompleted05/11/2020
LG1953 09/10/2020Karuna DeobhaktaMcCaw Lewis LawyersWater supply and water shcemes in the Manawatu District.Completed29/10/2020
LG1950 02/10/2020Karen AndersonCanine ResearchDog Control Human ResourcesCompleted24/11/2020
LG1949 30/09/2020Aryana NafissiNZ Taxpayers UnionCouncil owned artworkCompleted13/10/2020
LG1947 16/09/2020Monique PoirierNZ Taxpayers UnionAudit & Risk,Oversight, 3rd party payments, Non-residential costsCompleted22/09/2020
LG1948 16/09/2020Milton PedleyIindividualApproval of subdivision at 3 Harvest LaneCompleted17/09/2020
LG1946 10/09/2020Aaron PackardRenters United Council inspections of rental housing propertiesCompleted25/09/2020
LG1945 07/09/2020Monique PoirierNZ Taxpayers UnionStaff & Contractor numbers, CEO & Elected Member RemunerationCompleted02/10/2020
LG1943 28/08/2020Monique PoirierNZ Taxpayers UnionAnnual Residentialand Rating dataCompleted31/08/2020
LG1944 25/08/2020Rachel LaneHalcombe Community Development GroupDCs paid in greater Halcombe areaCompleted07/09/2020
LG1942 14/08/2020Claudia CooperNZ Taxpayers UnionRates RevenueDraft Annual Plan compared to Final PlanCompleted17/08/2020