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LGOIMA Requests

To ensure full transparency, we make publicly available any information requests we have received. When the requested information is provided the request is updated with the response.  In some cases where the information has not been made available, the decision to withhold has been in accordance with the Act to protect privacy.

Click the LG number in the left-hand column of the table below to view more details.


LG1976 25/02/2021Jimmy EllinghamManawatu Standard - StuffCopies of Council reports on NurseryIn Progress 
LG1977 25/02/2021Peggy SironenIndividualProperty details re GNS Faultline reportIn Progress 
LG1974 17/02/2021Ben NistorMinistry for the EnvironmentLand Use Consents permits and authorisationsIn Progress 
LG1975 17/02/2021Lynda JenkinsIndividualDetails of CCR re swimming poolCompleted25/02/2021
LG1972 15/02/2021John KeyJohn Key Barristers SolicitorsInfringement re earthquake prone building noticeCompleted25/02/2021
LG1973 10/02/2021Adeel AkmalOtago UniversityExternal consultancies and prfoessional servicesIn Progress 
LG1970 29/01/2021Daniel ParkerInSite Archaeology LtdHeritage Inventory DataCompleted04/02/2021
LG1971 29/01/2021Nikki MacdonaldStuffPublic landfdills - landfill spaceCompleted17/02/2021
LG1969 19/01/2021Elizabeth CairnsRDCL (Resource Development Consultan ts LtdGNZ rep[ort re active fault lineCompleted15/02/2021
LG1968 18/01/2021Terence GreenIndividualCoastal areas of CouncilCompleted01/02/2021
LG1967 22/12/2020Luke HedgesProperty BrokersSubdivision consentsCompleted17/02/2021
LG1966 10/12/2020Natalie AkoorieRadio New ZealandNumber of Council Meetings, Workshops and Public excludedCompleted20/01/2021
LG1965 08/12/2020Claudia CooperNZ Taxpayers OrgNumber of staff employedCompleted10/12/2020
LG1963 07/12/2020Claudia CooperNZ Taxpayers Procurement Policy and award of ContractsCompleted21/01/2021
LG1964 07/12/2020Claudia CooperNZ Taxpayers OrgDiscretionary FundsCompleted14/12/2020
LG1961 26/11/2020Jimmy EllinghamFairfax MediaCorrespondence re hosting NZ Grand Prix at Manfeild 2021.Completed14/12/2020
LG1960 25/11/2020Steve CrossIndividualCoastal inundation on LIMsCompleted07/12/2020
LG1959 23/11/2020Karen AndersonCanine ResearchDog Control policy, fees,Completed02/12/2020
LG1958 22/11/2020Jimmy EllinghamManawatu Standard - StuffCorrespondence regard Turbos rugby matchesCompleted10/12/2020
LG1957 19/11/2020Suzanne Wood Request for property file informationCompleted11/12/2020