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LGOIMA Requests

To ensure full transparency, we make publicly available any information requests we have received. When the requested information is provided the request is updated with the response.  In some cases where the information has not been made available, the decision to withhold has been in accordance with the Act to protect privacy.

Click the LG number in the left-hand column of the table below to view more details.


LG2032 20/10/2021Nicci SimpsonNeighbouring Property Owners & Residents GroupTransfer Station/Energy Plant, Kawakawa RoadIn Progress 
LG2031 19/10/2021Michelle ReedD I AInitiatives on sport and physical activity for childrenWithdrawn 
LG2030 18/10/2021Sinead GillStuffCorrespondence regarding membership of LGNZIn Progress 
LG2029 12/10/2021Milton PedleyIndividualPublic Notice Page 18 Manawatu StandardCompleted12/10/2021
LG2028 11/10/2021Emily Mabin SuttonIndividualFossil fuel usage and plans to transition off fossil fuelsIn Progress 
LG2027 04/10/2021Natasha Duncan-SutherlandMiddlemore Hospital Prevention of Dog Related injuriesIn Progress 
LG2026 24/09/2021Jeremy BarrGrey IllusionSubdivision Ardoch Estate Satori WayIn Progress 
LG2025 17/09/2021Test reassign process  Withdrawn 
LG2022 13/09/2021Sinead GillStuffCorrespondence regarding Mt Lees 18 Aug to 11 September 2020Completed29/09/2021
LG2023 13/09/2021Sinead GillStuffCouncil spend on contractors/paying external companiesCompleted29/09/2021
LG2024 13/09/2021Dr Tim ChambersPublic Health, Unitversity of OtagoInvestigation of nitrate contamination of New Zealand drinking waterCompleted08/10/2021
LG2021 09/09/2021Sinead GillStuffExpressions of Interest received for Mt Lees HomesteadCompleted13/09/2021
LG2018 07/09/2021Brian WarburtonIndividualMonitoring the Exercise of Resource ConsentsCompleted07/10/2021
LG2019 07/09/2021Sinead GillStuffLegal costs relating to Mt Lees Reserve allodial claimCompleted29/09/2021
LG2020 27/08/2021Milton PedleyIndividualDistrict population and Building consents issuedCompleted17/09/2021
LG2016 23/08/2021John KeyJohn Key LawWorkshop meeting 19 August 2021Completed30/08/2021
LG2015 20/08/2021Max SalmonNZ Taxpayers UnionThree Waters positionCompleted23/08/2021
LG2014 19/08/2021Logan McLeanFarrah's Noise Community Group Noise complaints from individuals or businessesCompleted20/08/2021
LG2013 18/08/2021Sinead GillStuffCorrespondence concerning Mt Lees ReserveCompleted03/09/2021
LG2012 12/08/2021Dr Natasha PodgorodnichenkoUniversity of OtagoHuman Resource strategies and policiesCompleted23/08/2021