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LGOIMA Requests

To ensure full transparency, we make publicly available any information requests we have received. When the requested information is provided the request is updated with the response.  In some cases where the information has not been made available, the decision to withhold has been in accordance with the Act to protect privacy.

Click the LG number in the left-hand column of the table below to view more details.


LG1899 13/01/2020Jayne RichardsUniversity of OtagoNitrate in water suppliesIn Progress 
LG1897 20/12/2019Steffan BrowningSoil & Health Association of New ZealandHerbicide (particularly glyphosate-based hervbiceds) in public placesIn Progress 
LG1898 20/12/2019Felippe RodriguesStuffImplications of sea level rise on coastal communitiesIn Progress 
LG1895 12/12/2019Lucy WalkerMediaworks The AM ShowResidential pool regulationsCompleted17/12/2019
LG1893 11/12/2019Jimmy EllinghamManawatu StandardPFAS contamination announcementCompleted12/12/2019
LG1894 11/12/2019Hadyn JonesTVNZCosts associated with building consentCompleted17/12/2019
LG1896 10/12/2019Sue ElliottPublic Heritage Aotearoa New Zealand, MasseyNational register of public artworksCompleted22/01/2020
LG1892 09/12/2019Jaime McSorleyIndividualRequests for sports and recreational fundingCompleted20/12/2019
LG1891 06/12/2019Sam KilmisterManawatu StdCouncil abuse in 2019Completed18/12/2019
LG1890 02/12/2019Jez PartridgeTreecology Tree ConsultancyProtected trees under District PlanCompleted14/01/2020
LG1889 28/11/2019Harry LockRadio NZCouncil spending on election promotion and voter engagementCompleted06/12/2019
LG1888 20/11/2019Tabitha LorckNew Zealand Taxpayers' Union Flights and individual trips 2018/19 financial yearCompleted29/11/2019
LG1886 12/11/2019Emma DangerfieldStuffRecycling and refuseCompleted21/11/2019
LG1885 06/11/2019Peta TangiwaiLabour Leader's Office of Rt Hon Jacinda ArdernList of Maori candidates who won their campaignCompleted20/11/2019
LG1884 22/10/2019Benn BathgateStuffExternal catering spend 2017 - 2019Completed05/11/2019
LG1883 18/10/2019Caroline Smith Resource Consent for Halcombe Recycling CentreCompleted18/11/2019
LG1882 16/10/2019Kyle WhitfieldUniversity of Otago - Business SchoolElected Member InforrmationCompleted17/10/2019
LG1887 14/10/2019Luke RedwardNew Zealand Taxpayers UnionStaff RemunerationCompleted18/11/2019
LG1881 12/10/2019Steve GoodmanIndividualShooting RangesCompleted18/10/2019
LG1880 06/10/2019Candy NalderIndividualCouncil spend on roadside sprayingCompleted11/10/2019