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Planning Services charges listed below have been set according to the Resource Management Act 1991. These enable Manawatu District Council to recover the costs of processing applications, monitoring consents and for notice of requirement designations and private District Plan changes.

Fee Description   2021/22
Notified and Limited Notified Applications and Public Works Designations
Administration lodgement $ 1,815.00
Advertising lodgement $ 467.00
Hearing lodgement $ 582.00
Hearings when heard by Commissioners At cost plus disbursements
Hearings when heard by Hearings Committee At cost plus disbursements
Processing of application At officer hourly rate
Non-notified Application lodgement fees    
Controlled activities $ 835.00
Restricted discretionary activities $ 1,206.00
Discretionary activities $ 1,741.00
Non-complying land uses $ 2,275.00
Non-notified Application fixed fees    
Permitted relocated building (assessment and monitoring) $ 512.00
Boundary activities $ 310.00
Marginal or temporary activities $ 824.00
Subdivision Applications Lodgement Fees    
Controlled $ 779.00
Restricted discretionary $ 1,206.00
Discretionary $ 2,275.00
Non-complying $ 2,810.00
Certificates under Section 226 $ 745.00
Approval for cross-lease plans previously approved $ 745.00
Right-of-way approval (no sealing fee) $ 624.00
Survey plan consent (sealing fee) $ 251.00
Consultation with District Land Registrar (LINZ) $ 186.00
Road Access Certificate (Sections 321 and 346 of the Local Government Act 1974) $ 468.00
Bond preparation $ 468.00
s223 approval $ 313.00
s224 approval (if applied for separately from s223) $ 606.00
combined s223 and s224 approval (when lodged together) $ 780.00
s223 and s224 engineering approval and inspections will be charged at the hourly officer rate for ‘technical and professional staff from all other units’ as listed in the “Council staff and decision-maker charges” section
Applications for District Plan changes    
Lodgement for a District Plan change $ 5,935.00
Miscellaneous lodgement fee    
Certificate of Compliance $ 375.00
Variation to resource consent appilcations $ 655.00
Extensions to time for resource consents $ 437.00
Certificates under the Overseas Investment Act $ 375.00
Existing use certificates $ 655.00
Outline plan of works (including waivers) $ 621.00
Uplifting a designation $ 375.00
Non-notified designation requirements, heritage orders and designation alterations $ 621.00
Notified designation requirements, heritage orders and designation alterations $ 1,864.00
Instrument creating esplanade strip/reserve $ 375.00
Revocation of easements, building line restrictions etc when separate from a subdivision consent $ 375.00
Easements not requiring a subdivision consent and not included as part of the subdivision consent $ 375.00
Consideration, processing and issuing of certificates not itemised in this schedule $ 437.00
Monitoring of resource consents Inspections charged hourly rate per officer
Manawatu District Plan - Plan Strategy and Rules $ 103.00
Manawatu District Plan - Planning Maps $ 113.00
Road Stopping lodgement fees    
Road stopping under the Public Works Act 1981 $ 437.00
Road stopping under the Local Government Act 1974 - (extra cost may be incurred if a hearing is required) $ 655.00
Hearing for road stopping Actual cost
Review of development contribution    
Reconsideration of development contributions $ 622.00
Hearing fee - extra cost may be incurred if a hearing is required Actual cost
Planning Inspection fees – Building Consents    
New construction - housing, commercial and industrial Actual costs based on hourly rate per officer
Alterations and additions - housing, commercial and industrial Actual costs based on hourly rate per officer
Accessory and farm buildings - includes alterations and additions Actual costs based on hourly rate per officer
Building Act 2004    
Section 73 Notification - Land subject to natural hazards $ 697.00
Section 75(2) Certificate - Building over two allotments $ 697.00
Certificate of Title    
Certificates of Title $ 25.00
Scanning and Digital fees (for consent applications received in hard copy) $ 112.00
Objection to decision s357 $ 470.00


1. The fee is a lodgement fee only for land use consent applications, subdivision consent applications, applications for alterations to designations, engineering approvals and inspections, review of development contribution, requests for plan changes and road stoppings. The lodgement fee is the amount required up front when lodging an application. Council will take no action on the application in accordance with Section 36(7) until this amount is paid.

2. Section 36 of the Resource Management Act enables the Manawatu District Council to charge additional fees. These are fees to recover actual and reasonable costs incurred where the actual and reasonable costs exceed the lodgement fee (fixed charge) paid. Council will charge any costs incurred through the engagement of external expertise to the applicant at cost.

3. Council will charge fees to cover actual and reasonable costs incurred. It will charge the applicable staff charge-out rate together with the costs associated with employing the services of professional consultants where necessary. It will recover actual and reasonable costs associated with any required consent hearing from the applicant.

4. Where specialist peer-review reports are required, the applicant is required to pay a lodgement fee of $500.00 per report when lodging an application. The applicant then pays the full amount on the completion of the report/assessment.

Council staff and decision-maker charges

The Council will charge the following hourly rates for its officers and decision makers for the processing of consents, hearings, and designations etc that do not have a set fee.

Fee Description Fee per hour
Committee /Administration Officer $ 123.00
Planning Officer/Compliance and Enforcement Officer $ 160.00
Senior Consents Planner/Compliance and Enforcement Team leader $ 184.00
Principal Planner $ 212.00
Regulatory Manager $ 258.00
Land Development Engineer / Officer $ 184.00
Land Development Manager $ 212.00
Roading Engineer / Utility Engineer $ 184.00
Roading Manager / Utility Manager $ 258.00
Commissioner At cost plus disbursements
Fees for advertising, consultants and solicitors associated with all work types including processing of a consent or certificate. (This includes specialist technical or legal advice and new notice of requirements, designation alterations, removal of designations and District Plan changes.) At cost plus disbursements

Infringement fees determined by Resource Management (Infringement Offences) Regulations 1999.

Offence specified as infringement offence General description of offence   2020/21
Section 338(1A) Contravention of section 15A (1)(a) (dumping of waste or other matter from any ship, aircraft or offshore installation) $ 500.00
Section 338(1B) Contravention of section 15B (1) and (2) (discharge in the coastal marine area of harmful substances, contaminants, or water from a ship or offshore installation) $ 500.00
Section 338(1)(a) Contravention of section 9 (restrictions on use of land) $ 300.00
  Contravention of section 12 (restrictions on use of coastal marine area) $ 500.00
  Contravention of section 13 (restrictions on certain uses of beds of lakes and rivers) $ 500.00
  Contravention of section 14 (restrictions relating to water) $ 500.00
  Contravention of section 15(1)(a) and (b) (discharge of contaminants or water into water or onto or into land where contaminant is likely to enter water) $ 750.00
  Contravention of section 15(1)(c) and (d) (discharge of contaminants into environment from industrial or trade premises) $ 1,000.00
  Contravention of section 15(2) (discharge of contaminant into air or onto or into land) $ 300.00
Section 338(1)(c) Contravention of an abatement notice (other than a notice under section 322(1)(c)) $ 750.00
Section 338(1)(d) Contravention of a water shortage direction under section 329 $ 500.00
Section 338(2)(a) Contravention of section 22 (failure to provide certain information to an enforcement officer) $ 300.00
Section 338(2)(c) Contravention of an excessive noise direction under section 327 $ 500.00
Section 338(2)(d) Contravention of an abatement notice for unreasonable noise under section 322(1)(c) $ 750.00