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Annual Plan

An annual plan is produced in the two years between each 10 Year Plan 2021-2031 (153MB pdf) and outlines any key changes made to the 10 Year Plan for that year.

It states what we intend to achieve over the next financial year, how much it will cost, and how it will be funded (including the setting of rates).

If there are any significant differences to the relevant year of the 10 Year Plan, Council will consult with the community about those changes.  If there are no significant differences there is no need to consult.

Council must adopt its annual plan by 30 June for implementation on 1 July, the beginning of the financial year.

The Annual Plan 2022/23 updates year 2 of the 10 Year Plan 2021-31. 

To view these documents you will need Adobe Reader. Click here to download and install it for free.