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Manawatū District 10 Year Plan 2021 - 2031

Tumeke dictionary image

Now you know the phrase tumeke... we’re introducing you to ‘MANAWATŪMEKE’!

MANAWATŪMEKE is about what makes our District awesome! Manawatū District Council is starting to prepare our plan for the next ten years and beyond: our 10 Year Plan 2021-2031, and we want to know what makes "MANAWATŪMEKE" for you! The image below show some of the things our communities have said represent them – can you see the things that make MANAWATŪMEKE for you?

Tumeke icons image

Let us know what you love about our District, post on Facebook with @Manawatu District Council or #MANAWATŪMEKE.

Council understands that Covid-19 has changed the expectations and needs of our communities for the short term, as well as having longer reaching impacts. There is uncertainty about what the future will look like, and we will be taking that into account as we plan. It is important to Council that you let us know what is important to you.

Environmental Scan

The Environmental Scan, (published early March 2020) is a snapshot of the current state of our District, and anticipation of what trends we might expect for the next ten years and beyond. It scans what is happening within the district, the region and the nation. The Environmental Scan, along with Council’s planning assumptions (still under development), form the planning foundations for the 10 Year Plan.

Click here to view the Environmental Scan.

10 Year Plan 2021-2031 Funding Requests

If you are planning a large-scale project or your request does not qualify for any of the community grant funds (click here to learn more about these), you should consider asking for your initiative to be included in Council’s 10 Year Plan budget.

We start working on our budget almost a year before it is adopted so you will need to have your request to us by 1 September 2020 for consideration for the 10 Year Plan 2021-2031. Click here to access the 10 Year Plan funding request form.

Focus Areas

Manawatū District has several challenges on the horizon and Council will have some big decisions to make. While Covid-19 has been the focus recently, other big issues must also be tackled in order to prepare Council’s 10 Year Plan.

We'd like to hear what you have to say about these “big issues”. Check them out and join the conversation!

Community Facilities
(To Be Confirmed)

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