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Manawatū District Council has approved the rates to be set again at its Council meeting on Thursday 7 October, following a recommendation from their finance team. You can find out more information by clicking on our news update.

Council provides local public services and infrastructure that the community needs to survive and prosper. Providing these services comes at a cost and a large portion is collected from the rates that Council charges property owners.

Manawatu District Council average rates will not change for the 2020/21 financial year. While the average rates will not increase, rates for each property will vary depending on any change in the property value in the district-wide revaluations in August 2019.  For each property , rates may go up or down by a small amount, or stay the same.  Council understands the revaluation impact on ratepayers, which is beyond its control, especially on our Feilding residential ratepayers, and that a 0% average rates change is the best way right now to lessen this impact.