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Flood Update September 2021

Thursday 16 September - Weather Update

What we know:
There is rain forecasted by MetService for the Manawatu District area today with heaviest falls at 3pm and the district is already saturated from Monday’s rain event. There are no current rain warnings or watches for our area, but there were also no rain warnings or watches for our area for Monday’s rain event.

MetService Warnings and Watches

What we don’t know:
What impact this forecasted rain will have, such as if it will fully eventuate or be worse than forecasted, for example Monday’s rain event was worse than forecasted by MetService.

What we are going to do:
Monitor river and stream levels within our district and keep you updated with information as it comes to hand.

What you can do:
Be prepared if you are in a flood prone area with a grab bag in case you need to evacuate. If you feel it is necessary, you can purchase sandbags from most hardware stores to protect your critical assets like home sewage systems. Instructions on how to fill and place sandbags can be found in the helpful links below.

What we need you to do:
If you need emergency assistance, please call 111. Please stay home where possible but if you do need to evacuate due to flooding, please advise us on 06 323 0000. If you do have to drive anywhere, please do so carefully if it does start to flood, especially at night as surface water can be difficult to see on the road.

When and where we will provide updates:
We will provide regular updates if the rain causes issues such as surface flooding or road closures. Please keep an eye on our social media and website for updated information.


Helpful documents:

Septic Tanks After Flooding (61KB pdf)

Sandbagging instructions (740KB pdf)

Clean-up Outside After Flooding (128KB pdf)


flood 3.jpg     flood 4.jpg