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District Plan Review Forwards Work Programme

Please note that the following work programme is estimated, and Plan Changes may be reprioritised as required.

2019 2020 2021 2022


  • Precinct 4 (PC51)
  • Boarding, Breeding and training Kennels (PC64)

Notification 2019

  • Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes (PC65), including commercial windfarms

Pending Operative

  • District-wide (PC55) - Waiting on ONFL plan change

Rural Zone (PC A)

  • Rural Zone and subdivision, nodal (rural lifestyle), earthworks (rural and flood channel) into Chapter 3.

Residential Zone (PC B)

  • Include residential subdivision, Village environments

Coastal Environment (PC C)

Tangata Whenua (2020/21) (PC D)

  • Including Marae, etc.

Ohakea (PC 60A)

Pending Operative

  • Designations (PC60) - waiting on Ohakea Plan Change

Business Zone (PC E)

  • Feilding Town Centre & CBD Heritage

Recreation Zone (PC F)

  • Incl. Esplanade Management

Hazards (PC G)

  • Natural hazards & Release of Precinct 1-3. Horizons designation
  • Hazardous Substances

Heritage (2021/22) (PC H)

  • Heritage Trees & Buildings & SNAs.

Omnibus (PC I)

  • Renewable energy
  • Cross-boundary
  • Landuse effects Gen 4.1 & 4.2
  • Subdivision wash-up (including industrial zone subdivision)
  • Financial contributions
  • Information requirements
  • District Wide rules (A1 and A2 if not already covered)
  • Manfeild Park / Special Development Zones (if not covered by business zone)
  • Appendix 1A, B, I, J (if not covered by Rural Plan Change)