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2022 Local Elections

Local elections give us and our communities the opportunity to make decisions about the way our district works today and into the future.

Every three years, you can vote for who you want representing you around the Manawatū District Council table.

Why vote in our local elections?

Our rohe (district) is diverse and unique. Manawatū has a diverse population, range of cultures, rural communities, townships, businesses and facilities all of which deserve to be represented well.

Voting in the upcoming local elections means you can have your say about who you’d like to represent you! To find solutions that work for our communities, we want your voice to be represented by people who understand the issues, opportunities and aspirations of the Manawatū District.

Voting ensures the things you care most about like our local parks, recreational facilities, rural and urban business issues and climate change to name a few, are supported in council.

How can you make your mark on Manawatū?

There are a number of ways you can have your say about the way our rohe (district) is run today and into the future. Find out more by clicking the links below.