Alison Short

My principal place of residence is in the Manawatū Rural General Ward area.

It has been a privilege being your elected representative. I am passionate about serving my community and am seeking re-election. I am married to Wayne and we live rurally near Halcombe.

I have demonstrated that I have the capability, integrity, commitment and energy required for the position.

I am passionate about our district, our people and striving for our success. Actively involved in all areas of council, I have the sound governance experience and institutional knowledge of an competent councillor.

I have held numerous positions including being a certified RMA Commissioner, committee chair, and productive member of multiple council committees and focus groups.

Next term we are facing a lot of central government reform; big changes in local government as well as challenging economic conditions and big rates considerations. A vote for experience will help the council wisely navigate its way. Enquiries welcome. or (027) 4294560

Alison Short