Colin McFadzean

Experience With Common Sense

My principal place of residence is in the Manawatū Rural General Ward area.

Our family has resided in the Stanway area since 1998, shifting from Christchurch to a 98ha sheep and beef property. I have been involved in the agricultural sector for 42 years and been a director of Donaghys and Stafix Electric Fencing and held a senior management position with Iplex Pipelines. I now own Jenquip and export to 34 countries from Feilding and have extensive export and SME experience.

For the last 7 years I have been on the Stanway water scheme and have been the liaison between the SHRWS and the council staff, where I have gained an understanding and successfully worked with the committee and MDC senior management to improve and future proof the scheme.

I have served on the MFRU and Oroua Rugby Club boards and am a strong supporter of the Halcombe Volunteer Fire Brigade, the Sky Tower challenge and pink lippy and gumboots breast cancer event.

Colin McFadzean