Shane Casey

My principal place of residence is in the Manawatū District Council area.

Born and bred in Manawatū, I have the Manawatū's best interest at heart. I understand the needs of our community. I've spent nine years as a Councillor listening to our residents, learning about the issues facing our community, and advocating for the things that matter.

I'm committed to sustainable financial decisions that relieve the burden on our community: improving our infrastructure and reviewing our rates system to relieve financial pressure and increase fairness across our district. I will lead a Council that accountable and transparent about decisions and spending.

Manawatū can be the safest district in New Zealand if we support local organisations and social services that keep our residents safe. Improving our CCTV network to deter crime and assist our local police with investigations.

I am committed to quality of life for everyone living in Manawatū by enabling development of affordable housing, supporting social housing while providing quality Leadership.

Shane Casey