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What's in it for me?

Why you should care about the work of Council

What's in it for me?

Why you should care about Council

Ever wondered exactly what Council gets involved with?

It really isn't just all potholes and building consents - the work of Council spans our entire district, and touches every area of our lives.

Whether you're a culture-vulture, eco-champion, wanna-be engineer or outdoor activity enthusiast, there is bound to be a Council project that is right up your street!

To help you get more familiar with the work of Council, and perhaps help you think about how you should vote in the local elections in October, this handy tool will tell you more about a whole range of our projects.

Let's get started

Have a think about what things in our district are most important to you. Maybe spending time in nature or with your whānau are your priorities, or perhaps infrastructure projects are what spark your interest.

Click on the option that best matches your interests to find out more about what Manawatū District Council are doing to protect and develop the things you care about.

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Ready to make your mark?

If reading more about the work of Council has inspired you to vote in this year's local elections then head on over to our Local Elections page to find out more about our Candidates and How to Vote.