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Economy and Growth

Economy and Growth

Council needs to make some big decisions in order to allow our district to grow economically. These decisions will help boost our economy through more work opportunities, tourism and residential and business growth. Decisions made now will have a big impact on how our district fares throughout the next generations.

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Attracting big business

In order to capitalise on the estimated $8 billion worth of investment being made in the regional economy, council is opening up the land around Kawakawa and Turners roads to attract in-service support businesses to the district. This will help to create jobs for locals, whilst also attracting in new residents from elsewhere.

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Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA) activities

Manawatū District Council is a shareholder in CEDA, which promotes the Manawatū-Whanganui region to tourists and potential residents, with the aim of growing the regional economy and supporting local businesses.

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Feilding & District Promotion

Council contracts Feilding & District Promotion to assist local businesses and promote the district to visitors and potential residents. They also run the Information Centre for Feilding and host a number of events throughout the year.

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Mangaweka Bridge Replacement

Manawatū District Council, Rangitīkei District Council and tangata whenua all worked together to complete this project, which was official opened in May 2022. The bridge is now open to heavy vehicles, which will make a huge difference to farmers and businesses in the north of the district and will unlock its economic potential.