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Planning our district

Planning Our District

Our infrastructure systems make sure we have a functioning society so that people can do things like get from A to B easily, can access water supplies, run businesses safely and successfully and are considerate neighbours.

house mid construction

Paving the way for more housing in Feilding

Predicted growth in the district is encouraging, but we need to free up more land for housing. Council has rezoned land in the north of Feilding for residential development, which could see up to 1700 more homes added.

birds eye view of Feilding town centre

District Plan

The District Plan ensures that land use is appropriate for the intended purpose. It is the blueprint to grow the district in a responsible way.

Council develops options using technical advice that balances the needs for aspects such as housing, business, roading, farming, forestry, then gives residents the opportunity to have their say.

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Feilding to Palmerston North Cycleway

Construction of the Feilding to Palmy shared pathway began in 2020 and the Manawatū section is due to be completed before the end of 2022.

This pathway can be used by cyclists, e-bikes, electric scooters and pedestrians and will provide a safe route for people using these modes of transport.

area of grassland flooded by storm water

Managing our flood risks

With the increasing frequency of rain events that produce volumes of water that our current stormwater network aren’t designed for, Council is looking to fund upgrade work which will relieve some of the identified choke points.