Community Development Committee


Chairperson: Councillor Heather Gee-Taylor

Deputy Chairperson: Councillor Alison Short

Committee: Her Worship the Mayor Helen Worboys, Councillors Steve Bielski, Shane Casey, Heather Gee-Taylor, Alison Short.


To oversee and monitor the implementation of the actions contained in the Community Development Strategy.


  1. Rates Remissions for Charitable Organisations
  2. Manawatu District Community Honours Awards:
    The calling of nominations and selection of suitable candidates to receive awards under the Council’s community honours scheme.
  3. Community Development Strategy:
    1. Receive Community Development Contracts of Service Accountability Reports
    2. Receive Community Development Contract and Funding Decision Reports
    3. Receive Community Development Strategy Implementation Progress Reports
    4. Receive Community Development Strategy Monitoring Reports
    5. Receive Community Groups Updates and Briefings
    6. Review Community Development Related Policies
    7. Monitor and make recommendations on Community Development Related Strategy Development and Implementation
    8. Monitor Community Development Related Advocacy Initiatives

Delegated Authority

Rates Remissions for Charitable Organisations: approve the remission of rates in accordance with the Rates Remission for Charitable Organisations policy.

Manawatu District Community Honours Awards: decide on recipients of Community Honours Awards under the Community Honours Scheme.


Three members of the committee.

Meeting Cycle

Meetings held bi-monthly on the fourth Thursday of each second month at 8.30am

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